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Electric Sheep - Cast of Characters

Adam: essentially v.2.0 of the Neil virtual entertainment construct, designed to entertain people; due to a stealth hack, the Adam program became corrupted and started to develop sentience and became a true AI, exsiting only in cyberspace

Neil: the first virtual entertainment construct, Neil was replaced by ‘Adam’ after a record-breaking run of nearly twelve years, of making snarky social commentary; his construct was pulled and shelved because it was starting to display erratic behaviour and saying things that was catching the attention of the wrong people

Kris Allen: an activist who is trying to expose the illegal activities of the Fuller Corporation

Camila Grey: a police officer with the LAPD, she knows the department is controlled by the businesses ; has the cybernetic implant required of all police officers that monitors their thoughts

Eber Lambert: husband of Leila; also a programmer with the same company; feels the same towards the programs he and his wife created

Leila Lambert: wife of Eber; programmer who works for the Cowell Entertainment Industrial; helped to co-create the Neil and Adam programs; looks upon them as children

Katy O’Connell: best friends with Kris since childhood; also an activist

Longineu Parsons III (‘Monster’): one of the first humans with illegal cybernetic enhancements and nanites who managed to successfully flee from the South to the North; has set up an escape network in the South to help people in a similar situation flee to the North

Monte Pittman (‘Vein’): a former programmer turned hacker who lost everything when he questioned the direction and some of the actions that the Fuller Corporation was taking

Tommy Joe Ratliff (‘Crow’): a loner hacker who only trusts his associate Monte Pittman; given the nature of what he does, and being on a few wanted lists, he hasn’t been in contact with his family in over a decade


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