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The exhaustion was starting to feel like it was bone deep. Adam was still curled up in bed, and he was sure he didn’t want to get out of bed for a week. No, a month was sounding better. It felt like he could just sleep a month away, like Rip Van Winkle. But Idol had ended a day ago and he had a full schedule looming on the horizon with the Idol Tour coming up. There was a ridiculous amount of things to do. Interviews, interview, more interviews, and –

His phone started to vibrate across the nightstand. With a groan, Adam rolled over and pulled the blankets over his head. He would not answer that. It was his day off, he could ignore it and…

The opening notes from Utopia sounded and Adam rolled back over, pushing the blanket away. “Morning, baby.”

“Adam,” Harry’s voice sounded very confused. “What the hell was that I just watched?”

“Just watched?” Adam’s brow furrowed for a moment before it clicked. “Are you just watching the finale now?”

“Just got home last night from an assignment. I had the DVR set up. You… dear fucking Merlin, you looked like… some… insane rock god creature from another planet and they gave it to Mr Plaid? Don’t get me wrong, he’s good, but really… I mean really…”

Adam laughed into his pillow. “You and about half of America seem outraged.”

There was some sputtering from Harry and then, “Well, the upside is that it’s done and over. You’ve got a chance to rest and relax for a bit.”

“A bit. I’ve got today and tomorrow. Then it’s appearances, interviews, tour rehersals.” Adam rubbed at his face. “Then the tour, which will be the entire summer. I’m going to see if I can squeeze in recording an album.”

There was silence from the other end and then, “You’re not invincible, you know. You need a bit of a break.”

Adam remained silent for a moment. In the midst of all the congratulations, condolences, the swimming sea of faces, he didn’t think anyone had said anything about how he was feeling. He shrugged, stretching his limbs. A yawn crept out on him and his jaw popped.

“Sorry,” Adam apologised. “I’m still in bed and wondering how long I can stay here.”

“Dear Merlin,” Harry muttered. “I’m off for a bit too. How about I come and spirit you away for two days? You can get away from all that insanity for a bit. No one shoving a camera in your face, just peace and quiet.”

That sounded so very tempting, but… “How on earth would I get to England with even a shred of time?” As soon as he said the words, “Never mind. In my defence, I’m still in bed. I don’t know.”

There was silence from Harry for a moment. When he spoke again, there was a mild tone to his voice. “You don’t know?”

“Cut me some slack, okay?” Adam griped. “I’ve got plenty on my plate at the moment.”

“Where are you?”

“Home for awhile. Just did a photoshoot yesterday,” Adam stretched languidly. “And –”

“Okay, good.”

The sound of the disconnect had Adam staring at the phone blankly for a moment. He watched as his home screen appeared once more. Surely Harry wasn’t… Adam swore as he pushed the blankets back and got up out of bed. It was the kind of stubborn thing that Harry would do. He yanked open his bedroom door and found Harry standing there, about to knock.

“Goddamn it, Harry, I do not need a babysitter,” Adam stomped back to his bed and flopped down. He squirmed back beneath the covers. “I’m fine.”

“Right, you’re fine. If you step foot out of the apartment, you’ll get cameras shoved in your face, most likely. And you couldn’t give me a straight answer. You know when you waffle like that?”

“Bet you’ll tell me anyways,” Adam mumbled as he pulled his blanket in tighter.

The bed moved as Harry sat down on the side. “You know when you do that, Adam. You know precisely when.”

“Thanks, I entirely forgot,” Adam pulled the blanket down just enough to glare at him. “I knew what I was getting myself into. I want this, Harry.”

“Not denying that, love. I know how badly you’ve wanted it. What I’m saying is you just need some time to recharge. Can’t brew the potion if the cauldron’s full,”

Adam huffed and rolled away from Harry. There was silence for a moment and then the bed moved. Harry’s steps were soft and stopped at the end of the bed. There was a deep inhale and then Harry said briskly, “Right then.”

The covers were whipped off so fast, Adam swore he got burns along one side. He squawked in indignation, curling up into a ball as the cold air hit him.

“Prick,” he snapped as he stared at Harry.

“Been told I can be,” Harry said mildly as he balled up the blankets in his arms. “C’mon. Let’s get going.”

Adam snarled as he opted to pick up a pillow and lob it at Harry. And Harry, damn him, dropped the blankets, caught it, and lobbed it right back at him. For a moment, after the pillow hit him smack in the face, Adam didn’t move. But then he lobbed the pillow at Harry, grabbed the other one and half rolled over, whacking at him. The pillow thumped against Harry’s side as one collided right with his ass.

“Oh, that’s it!”

He scrambled to his knees and got another faceful of pillow. Blindly, he flailed his arm. The pillow in his grip buffeted Harry who tried to twist away. Oh no, no no no, that wasn’t happening. Adam rapidly blinked, trying to see. With a cry of triumph. He grabbed Harry’s wrist and pulled him onto the bed. Harry rolled, trying to slip away. Adam knew that, was prepared for it. He threw himself on Harry’s legs and then sat up, pinning Harry in place and…

Harry’s face was crinkled with a smile and there were hiccupy sounding breaths coming from his throat. “What’s so damned funny?” Adam demanded.

“You’re… you’re so pissed at me that,” Harry wheezed as he inhaled and continued with, “That you have to take the mickey out of me with a pillow fight? How… how are you still pissed?”

Harry tried to whack him with the pillow, but it was halfhearted at best. And as Adam crouched there above Harry, he had to admit the absurdity of the situation was kind of starting to become very apparent. When Harry tried to sit up, Adam gently whacked him with the pillow. He couldn’t help but laugh as Harry collapsed back against the bed, laughter making his body shake. There was just no way to stay pissed now. He shifted, getting off of Harry and flopping down beside him. That was when Harry pounced. Next thing Adam knew, Harry was straddling him and his fingers headed right for…

“No, no, no,” Adam laughed as he squirmed, trying to throw Harry off.

“Sorry. I refuse to let you be a complete and utter arse today.”

And with that, Harry jammed his fingers into Adam’s armpits and mercilessly tickled him. By the time Harry relented, Adam’s stomach ached from the laughing, he had tears running down his face, and he’d agreed to something, he couldn’t quite recall, he was laughing so damned hard. But Harry leaned back, looking very satisfied with himself.

“Done being more sour than a Gorgon’s Drop?”

“A what?” Adam asked weakly.

“Wizarding sour candy.” Harry got off Adam, clambering to the side of the bed and then offering a hand. “C’mon.”

Shaking his head, Adam got up out of bed. He hopped into the shower and when he got out, he found his bed made, and an empty bag sitting on top the blanket, waiting to be filled. Throwing in clothes didn’t take too long and when he walked out into the living room, bag in hand, he found Harry on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand. There was a steaming mug sitting on the coffee table with splash of cream. Adam knew there was no sugar in it.

He dumped his bag beside the couch and sat down, picking up the mug. ”Merry old England, huh?”

“Yes. Adam, look, I just don’t want you to have to worry about all this stuff for two days okay? Wherever you have to be when the two days are over, I’ll take you. But please, just don’t stress.”

“All right,” Adam said after a moment. He brought his cup to his mouth to take a sip. “So long as you don’t go tickling me again.”

“Desperate times, desperate measures,” Harry said simply.

It was just as well that Adam was drinking, since it hid his smile. They didn’t rush through, just enjoying the quiet and their beverage. Adam quickly washed up the cups when they finished. Harry already had his bag in hand and something held loosely in his fist.

“The port thing?” he ventured.

Harry nodded. “I’ve got your bag, because I don’t want you to lose it. And you’ve got to hold on to me really tightly.”

It vaguely crossed Adam’s mind that this mightn’t be the safest thing. But it was Harry and to be hoenst, he’d done tons of stupider shit before. So he did just that, walking up to Harry and hugging him tightly. Harry looped the bag on an arm and did the same, his arms going around Adam’s midsection.

“I’m going to put the ring on now. You might want to close your eyes.”

Adam did just that, squeezing them shut. There was nothing for a second and then the oddest sensation slid over his skin. Something cold and hot at the same time, while it felt like everything was moving impossibly fast and this was going to kill him, it was going to –

“Okay, you can open your eyes.”

An eye was cracked open and an entirely different place greeted his sight. There was a sunny looking living room, with a long low couch with folded blankets on one end. There was a TV set up along a wall, framed on either side by crammed bookcases. A low bookcase followed along another wall and ended with a closed chest on the floor. There was a smaller wall and the glint of metal just past it. Adam stepped back, peering around the corner.

“You’ve got stripper poles,” Adam leaned over a bit further. “In your kitchen? Harry…”

There was a snort and Harry rolled his eyes as he stepped back, releasing Adam. “Only you would say that. “C’mon, I’ll get you set up in a room.”

Adam followed, looking around as Harry shouldered his bag. The living room opened into a modern looking kitchen, all sleekly brushed steel with taupe walls. There was an open brick wall that met a metal railing for a staircase that twisted down. As he took the glass steps, he stared down at the rivets securing it in place. He wasn’t too sure what to make of finally seeing Harry’s place. True, he’d seen it in plenty of pictures sent over the years, but to actually be here…

The lower level was just as big and Adam followed Harry up the hall and around the corner into a massive bedroom. Everything about the room was warm and inviting. The tawny yellow walls, the large screened window and the high bed with the mound of blankets on top. There was a decent sized dresser tucked into a corner and a door right beside it.

“Is that a closet?” Adam grinned. “You know me too well.”

Harry placed Adam’s bag on the dresser top. “Bathroom actually. Figured you’d want your own counter space and all.”

There was no way Adam could have resisted bounding over to the door and opening it. Dark tile, white fixtures and ash wood greeted his sight. “Sexy,” he drawled while shooting Harry a sultry look. That got him a bark of laughter and Harry crossing his arms. Adam pulled the door shut and turned to face Harry.

“Alright, so you’ve got me here to merry old England. What are we going to do?”

“Don’t you want to unpack or…” Harry trailed off as Adam waved a hand about. “All right. I want to take you somewhere.”

There was a slight curl to Harry’s mouth and Adam just had to play along. “I’m game. Where?”


A grin came to Harry’s face and a thrill of excitement crept over Adam. Leaving the building didn’t help and once they stepped onto the street, there was the hustle and bustle that most definitely wasn’t Los Angeles. Harry grabbed his hand and they started walking down the busy street. A grin came to Adam’s face as he held on, looking around. He was in England. He was actually here in London, England about to do who knew what and it was leaving him feeling exhilirated and renewed.

“Hey,” he leaned into Harry, nudging with his arm. “Thanks.”

“Hm?” Harry looked confused for a moment before it clicked. Then he smiled, “Any time, love. To think, you wanted to stay home and sulk.”

“It’s entirely possible I can be an asshole on occasion.”

“You’re telling me. Anyhow, you haven’t had breakfast yet, right? And it’s about noon now. Let’s grab some lunch.”

“And this will be at wherever you’re taking me?”


Adam latched on to that. “Oh, so it’s an area, like SoCal?”

All Harry did was grin. The walk wasn’t long, but trying to figure it out was driving Adam nuts. Not that he was having much luck, since he didn’t really know the spots in London. Soho was probably the only one and that’s because there was a Soho in New York he’d been to when Wicked was on Broadway. There was a record store coming up that Harry seemed to be heading towards. But when he bypassed it and ducked into the alcove of an abandoned looking store, Adam opened his mouth to say something.

The words dried up as the door opened and Harry tugged him in. It was kind of dark inside and some greetings were thrown Harry’s way. He raised a hand in acknowledment, but he didn’t stop. They stepped out another door and Adam found himself looking at a tiny square of cobbled stones with a garbage bin in tucked into a corner.

Adam really wasn’t too sure what was going on here. He turned to Harry, raising an eyebrow. In response, Harry reached underneath his jacket and pulled out his wand. He stepped forward and Adam watched as he counted up and then across before tapping his wand against a brick.

There was a scraping sound and slowly a brick shifted, followed by another and then another. The scraping sounds turned into a rapid grating as a hole formed and grew bigger. Adam could only stare as the bricks shifted back to somewhere, leaving an archway. There was a street, not as crowded as the other street they’d come in from. But everything looked so much older, like it had just come from the turn of the century. Narrow streets, tall, crooked buildings, and the sheer amount of colour and noise left Adam wondering if he was maybe still dreaming.

“This is Diagon Alley.”

Harry’s soft words caught Adam’s attention. He could only stare at Harry as his brain tried to proceed and put two and two together. This was the same Diagon Alley Harry had mentioned in his letters and emails? This did not seem like the same mundane, borning place that Harry had talked about so blithely.

“This… this is Diagon Alley?” Adam repeated. Goddamn, he was feeling a little like a kid in a candy store. He wasn’t too sure what he wanted to look at first. “Seriously?”

“Seriously.” Harry laughed.

“This is amazing!” Adam just stared at it before he looked back at Harry. Excitement bubbled over and he grabbed Harry’s head, giving him a quick kiss. “Fuck, look at it all! We’ve gotta eat and then go shopping! Or something, I dunno! C’mon!”

He grabbed Harry’s hand and ran forward. Harry laughed behind him and damn, was Adam glad Harry dragged his ass out of bed.

Everything was warm and perfect and Harry was sure that he never wanted to move. Or get up and deal with anything completely unnecessary. Yesterday at Diagon Alley had been exhausting and a whirlwind. Once lunch had been eaten Adam had wanted to look at everything. And then wanted to shop, which had been interesting and necessitated a trip to Gringotts.

That alone had been a trip and a half.

But seeing Adam gleeful and not worried about touring or everything else, it had been worth it. Even if he’d been dragged into more clothing stores than he knew existed in Diagon Alley. They’d left weighed down with bags, that had been perfunctorily dumped in Adam’s room before they went out for dinner. They’d tottered back around midnight and then, too wired to sleep, had curled up on the couch together and watched some old movie. Harry had grabbed a bottle of wine from the rack in the kitchen and they’d polished it off while silently watching the movie.

He had no idea what time he’d drifted off at, but when he’d woken up, sunlight was filtering in through the linen curtains and Adam was curled up around him, snoring softly. He contemplated moving but he was warm, drowsy and he snuggled in closer. There was nothing on Earth that would –

“Unc’ Harry?”

Harry’s eyes popped open as those words were followed by, “Why don’t you and Mum go to the kitchen, sweetheart?”

That was Ron’s voice. That was Ron’s voice. Harry turned his head slightly to find himself looking up at Ron’s amused face. Oh shit, it was Sunday and if they were here that meant it was after eleven in the morning and –

“Don’t panic,” Ron spoke softly as he carefully walked over to one of the plush chairs and sat down. “We just weren’t expecting to find you asleep out here. With someone.” There was a moment of silence and then, “So this is Adam, huh?”

Harry nodded, as he sat up. “Yes. Sorry we didn’t get to sleep until… damn, I don’t even know.”

“I can see,” Ron gestured to the coffee table, where an empty bottle and two glasses sat. “You completely forgot about us. No breakfast ready. Rosie’s going to be very put out with you. No animal shaped pancakes.”

“Right,” Harry was feeling very weirded out. Ron wasn’t saying much about Adam. Just quietly talking like nothing was out of place. Like he hadn’t found Harry asleep on the couch with an ex. He blinked and rubbed at his face. “Um, I could really go for some coffee.”

Ron grinned and nodded his head. Oh, Harry knew that Ron had taken his out. The second it was just the three of them, he was never going to hear the end of it. Once Ron was in the kitchen, Harry shook at Adam’s shoulder, hissing his name. A frown came to Adam’s face and he rolled away, pulling the blanket in tighter. He mumbled something Harry didn’t quite catch.

“Adam!” he hissed again. “Wake up!”

He leaned in closer, shaking at Adam’s shoulder. There was a deep inhale and Adam stretched before rolling back over and sliding his arms over and around Harry’s waist. “Don’t wanna wake up, baby. Just gonna stay right… here… ‘n…”

Shit, he was falling back to sleep. Harry shook his shoulder harder. “Adam, wake up! My friends and my niece are here!”

That got a groggy sound from Adam and then a slurred, “What?”

“They’re in the kitchen right now,” Harry glanced towards the room in question. He could hear things clanging about and then delighted laughter from Rose. “C’mon, up!”

Adam made a sound of protest, but sat up. Then flopped back against the couch and yawned. “Why are they here?”

“Sunday brunch. Every Sunday. Sometimes dinner.” Harry scrubbed at his head. “I completely forgot.”

“Probably my fault,” He yawned again then paused, sniffing. “Is that coffee?”

Harry stared for a moment as Adam levered himself off the couch and shuffled into the kitchen. Then he heard an almost disgustingly cheerful, “Morning everyone!” He scrambled off the couch, folding up blankets and throwing them in a corner as he heard introductions. He hurried into the kitchen and was greeted with “Unc’ Harry” and had a three year old wrapped around his knees.

“Good morning, Rosie,” Harry picked her up with a smile and nuzzled in against her neck. She giggled, trying to squirm away. When he drew back, he waggled his eyebrows and asked, “Animal pancakes?”

“Yes!” she crowed.

“Okay,” he started walking into the kitchen, heading to where Adam was currently lurking by the coffee machine with Hermione. “But my friend Adam is going to help, is that all right?”

Rose went quiet as she solemnly studied Adam, before she nodded slowly. Harry gave her a smile, gently bouncing her on his hip before starting into the kitchen. He started pulling things down from the cupboards, glancing over as Adam came and started pulling things down.

“My favourite animal,” Adam began as he rested the can of flour on the counter. “Is the platypus. What’s yours?”

There was silence for a moment and then Rose said quietly with a smile, “The diricawl. It’s fat, round, and happy.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard of a diricawl,” Adam looked over at him. Harry mouthed, ‘Dodo’ before Adam looked back at Rose. “Is that a bird?” when she nodded, Adam grinned. “Sounds like a very happy bird.”

Rose nodded, her face screwed up a bit. “What’s a plateapus?”

“A platypus,” Adam turned now, closing the cupboard door. “Looks like a beaver, but skinnier. And someone stuck a duck bill on its face.”

Harry glanced back at Hermione and Ron. They were at the kitchen island, drinking from mugs and taking in the scene in front of them. Suddenly, Rose lurched in his arms and Harry turned back. She was leaning forward, getting closer to Adam. Then,

“Are you magic too? Your eyes are all sparkly. Is that how you gave a beaver a bill? What’s a beaver?”

“Oh bollocks, Adam’s got her started,” Ron mumbled.

An indulgent smile came to Hermione’s face. “Rosie’s big on animals. As of Tuesday.”

“Uh huh,” Harry started but tried to keep Rosie in his arms. “Dear Merlin, don’t do that!”

Rose was squirming and clinging at Adam’s shirt, pulling herself forward. A perplexed look flitted onto his face before he looped an arm around and easily scooped her up. She was poking at his face now, peering right at his eyes.

“Your eyes are pretty. Can I have sparkly eyes like you?” Rose’s hands moved up to his hair. “And your hair has bits of blue. You’re magic too, aren’t you?”

“Tell you what,” Adam started walking towards the living room. “How about you, me and your parents,” he glanced at Hermione and then amended, “And your dad go to the living room and find some pictures of animals for you to look at?”

“Hey, I’m all for you doing it, mate,” Ron tipped his mug towards Adam. Hermione shifted and there was a grunt of pain from Ron and then, “But I can come along. Rosie only knows some of the magical animals, so… yeah.”

Harry watched as Adam, Rose, and Ron ambled to the living room and not even five minutes later there were delighted shrieks coming from the room. Hermione slid off the stool and came over to where Harry was standing. Truth be told, this was going a lot better than he had anticipated.

“You worry far too much,” Hermione hugged him from the side. “Adam’s nice. Very gracious.”

For a moment, Harry made a vague noise of agreement. “How about you? I mean, look at you! You’re about ready to pop out Rose’s younger…”

“Brother.” Hermione chuckled as she rubbed the top of her belly. “And aren’t you just tactful. Those animal pancakes won’t make themselves you know.”

Harry nodded, getting the bowl and spoon down. “You took Adam being here quite well.”

“I’ve had time to acclimatise to the idea of you and him being friends,” Hermione paused for a moment before she softly murmured, “You broke each others’ hearts. Badly. That’s not something easily forgotten, Harry. I don’t know how you two did it.”

“Did it?” Harry echoed, as he started pouring ingredients into the bowl. “Did what?”

For a moment, Hermione didn’t say anything as she pulled down a small bag of chocolate chips. There was a thoughtful look on her face as she opened the bag and nibbled on a few. Harry was on the verge of asking her again when she spoke.

“Remained friends.”

If Harry hadn’t known her so long, he would have just bought that. But there was an oddly fixed look Hermione got when she was being evasive. He frowned and stopped stirring. She turned to face him and that fixed look had morphed into one of stubborn ones.

“Not now,” Hermione’s voice was firm. “Let’s just have a nice day, okay? After Adam’s gone if you still want to…”

“Yes, because,” Harry paused as Rose’s delighted cry of ‘Again’ interrupted him. “Because now I won’t be wondering.”

A wry smile came to Hermione’s face. “Harry, you’re not wondering. You’re just being stupid. I love you, but dear Merlin, you’re being stupid. I’m going to go see if the children want chocolate chips with their pancakes.”

Harry just watched her amble into the living room. Just… what the bloody hell was that all about? There was the low murmur of conversation and then a few seconds later Adam came barreling into the kitchen, Rose in his arms and clutching the bag of chocolate chips. She was shrieking in delight and giggling when Adam stopped short and held her up.

“I’m an airplane! With chocolate chips!” Rose declared. “Adam said I could be an airplane and bring them to you!”

“We would like dodo chocolate chip pancakes, please,” Adam grinned. “Maybe some platypus ones?”

“Brats, the both of you,” Harry smiled as he took the bag. “Are you going to help or look at more animal pictures?”

“Help! I wanna help!” Rose declared.

She wriggled and Adam set her down. And like a shot, she took off to the living room. Adam chuckled before he looked at Harry. “She’s a handful when she gets started.”

“A lot like her mum.” Harry took out the frying pan and set it on the stove. “With her dad’s enthusiasm. And not to mention –”

“Toast!” Rose came running back into the kitchen. She raised her arms up. Harry glanced at the bowl for a second and looked back over to find Adam reaching down to pick Rose up. “Mum wants toast.”

“All right, we’ll make her toast then,” Adam said. ”If Harry will be so good as to tell me where the bread is.”

“Over there, over there!”

Rose was bouncing in Adam’s arms. Harry just watched as he stirred the batter, unsure of what to make of it. Adam smiled and paused beside him.

“Don’t worry, it’s toast. I’ll leave the pancakes in your capable hands.”

And with that, Adam leaned in and pressed a kiss against his temple before heading towards the fridge, with Rose directing him. His heart gave a painful lurch in his chest and it felt like everything he worked so hard to keep control over… Adam just reached in and casually ripped it apart. Harry stared at Adam’s back, wishing he had something, anything, to say in response to that. As he watched Adam hold Rose up so she could grab the loaf of bread from the top of the fridge, Harry was starting to wonder if this really was the brilliant idea it had been yesterday.

The zip of the overnight bag seemed unnaturally loud as Adam closed it. That was it. After two days, he was heading back over to America. Back to the preprations for a tour and all that entailed. He wasn’t complaining in the slightest. All his hard work was starting to pay off.

It didn’t help that now there was a small pang in his gut. Standing here, looking at his bag on the bed…

Somehow in the two days he’d been here, a sense of normalcy and peace settled in. And it was making him very reluctant to leave. Everything was going to get hectic and insane again. Harry had been entirely right to snatch him away for a couple days. Just time for him, to truly relax and unwind.

“Can’t brew a potion if the cauldron’s full,” he murmured as he picked up his bag.

Early morning light slanted out into the hallway as he made his way to the staircase. The scent of coffee wafted down and as he approached the stairs and climbed up, he caught more. Something warming and yeasty, eggs frying and something else spicy cooking. He paused at the landing and looked into the kitchen.

Harry was standing at the stove, a tea towel over one shoulder as he deftly worked the stove. His glasses were back on and there was an intense look of concentration on his face. For a few minutes Adam stood there, just taking it all in. It was so domestic and cozy, if he didn’t have to go back he’d easily stay here much longer. He jogged over to the living room, placing his bag by the couch before he went back to the kitchen.


Harry glanced over at him.”Oh, you’re up. I was going to come and wake you. Figured you might like a sleep-in.”

“Nah,” Adam shook his head. He stopped behind Hary and leaned over, resting his chin on Harry’s shoulder. “What are we having for breakfast?”

“Sausage scramble, tea, toast, and fruit salad. You’ve got a long day and I have more than enough paper to push around,” Harry wrinkled his nose in distaste. “Trade?”

“Nice try baby,” Adam chuckled as he stood up and stretched. “What time is it now?”

“Just after seven. Two in the morning in New York. It’s New York you’re heading to, right?”

Adam nodded as he stretched. Harry watched him, gaze steady until he answered, “New York. Filming an interview with the Early Show and then I’ve got a conference call with RCA. Then more interviews over the next couple of days. I’ll be back in LA on the first.”

“Busy man,” Harry murmured. “Want to give me a hand, love? Fruit needs chopping.”

Easy silence fell as Adam got a knife from the block and started slicing. By the time he finished Harry had the stove off and was easily moving through the kitchen, getting plates, forks, and mugs. Adam stuck the bowl on the island and started dishing out the food onto the plates. By the time he finished, Harry had the coffee poured, cream out and stools pulled up to the island. When Adam turned to put the dirty dishes in the sink, Harry stopped him.

“I’m not turning you over to the wolves with an empty stomach. Eat first. I can wash up.”

That pang settled in Adam’s gut again, but he chuckled and nodded. He settled down, sipping at his coffee as Harry quickly washed up. When Harry came over to the kitchen island, he eyed Adam’s full plate and frowned. Adam ended any forthcoming protest by picking up his fork and eating a few mouthfuls of scramble. Harry snorted and his soft words fell easily between them.

“So damned stubborn.”

Adam swallowed. “I prefer to think of it as selective tenacity.”

“You would say that,” Harry grinned. “Oh, I picked up something for you.”

Nothing was said as Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velour bag. It rested on the granite countertop with a muted clink. Adam ate a bit more of his scramble, eyeing the bag. After a few moments, curiosity got the better of him. He laid down his fork and picked it up. It didn’t feel very heavy. When he opened the top and turned it over something fell out, followed by the slither of a chain.

He held it up. “A feather necklace?”

“Spotted it when you went crazy over the dragonhide boots. It’s memory charmed, touch activated. It will store a few memories. Figured you might need something like this before the insanity starts again.”

“I can actually use this?” Adam held it up, looking at it. It caught the sunlight filtering in, sparking off the orange light.

“After the memories have been picked, yes. You’ll just have to touch it. Before, you’ll need me.”

For a moment, Adam didn’t reply. He just watched the feather slowly turning on the chain. “All right. I know them.”

That caught Harry by surprise. “Already? You’re sure?”

“Yes. Positive. Let’s give this a whirl.”

Harry looked surprised for a few more seconds before he shrugged and shifted on the stool. Adam did the same and they faced each other. Harry took the feather, placed it on one of Adam’s palms before putting the other on top. Then he held Adam’s pressed hands between his. Adam stared down at their hands, seeing how Harry’s blunt fingertips skirted his wrist as they curled around the line of bone. Harry’s skin was warm, slightly dry, pressing down firmly.

“Okay,” Harry’s voice was quiet. “This can hold four memories. You’re sure you know which ones you want?”

Adam simply nodded his head. Harry took a deep breath and gave a single nod of his head. Then he closed his eyes.

“Focus on the memories as clearly as you can, how you felt, everything you can recall about them, all right? I’m going to start casting the spell.”

His mouth went dry and Adam silently nodded his head. For a moment, there was just the soft whir of machines in the kitchen and then Harry started murmuring in Latin. It was almost a soothing drone and the memories started surfacing, bright and clear as if they were happening all over again.

That day in the park with Danielle, sprawled on the grass, when he came out. He could see her prop herself up on her elbows, look over at him and smile before she flopped on top of him and hugged him tight, saying she didn’t care. He was her best friend and that was that. There had been the sheer, giddy rush of elation and the feeling that maybe it all wasn’t going to be as bad an he had envisioned it in his mind.

It slowly faded away and was replaced with a sunny restaurant booth and sitting across from him was Brad. They had just met, or more like Brad had slid into his booth and started nibbling on his fries. Adam had tried to be mad, put out even. But Brad sucked him in, drew out conversation from him and left him too busy trying to keep up to feel depressed over Harry. And when Brad smiled, it was like his world righted again. There had been that pervading sense that everything would be fine and work out. Adam knew that, but Brad just somehow reaffirmed it by being him.

The scene melted away and just last night surfaced in his mind. Hermione and Ron had cuddled together at one end of the couch, wrapped up in each other. Rose had settled herself firmly between him and Harry, listening intently as Harry read something to her. Adam had barely paid attention since he had found himself staring at Harry. His hand had been petting Rose’s hair almost absently, the glasses perched on his nose as he read softly by the warm lamplight. It felt a bit like a gaping hole in his life he hadn’t noticed before was finally healed whole once more.

Unbidden the memory fled and another surfaced up in its place. Harry had been sprawled out on top of him, sleepy-eyed in the afternoon light. It had been after Harry’s first time in a club. None of his makeup had been taken off and when he’d raised his head to look at Adam everything was smudged soft in long streaks along the sides of his face. There had been a sleepy haze of pleasure in those green eyes. Harry had stretched, the langurous movement of his limbs hot, smooth and powerful against Adam’s body. And when Harry relaxed, it had felt like he’d melted right against Adam. Became boneless and simply unwilling to move. And when Harry had moved up a bit, pressing a gentle kiss against Adam’s mouth before settling back down…

It all came flooding back. The sense of contentment and rightness of how they had been together. Somehow, that all came back and left him feeling sucker punched.

Adam took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Harry was still murmuring in Latin, and there was a soft fading yellow glow around their hands. He watched as it completly died away, taking in the callused backs of Harry’s hands, one of them bearing faint scar lines. Before he even thought about it, he smoothed his thumb over the scars. He almost didn’t feel the scar lines, but he vividly remembered the tale of how they’d been inflicted. Harry’s hands tightened around his for a moment and then Harry looked up.

“All done then,”

Harry’s hands were gone from his. Adam opened his hands, looking at the chain and pendant resting there. It seemed that Harry had other ideas since the necklace was plucked from his hands. Adam looked up in time to see Harry lean forward and slip it over his head.

“So you’re set, love. Something to keep you grounded in all the insanity you’ve chosen.”

For a moment Adam found himself speechless. The palms of Harry’s hands rested against his chest. There was no way for Harry to not feel the jackhammer trip of his heart, making his ribcage shake. Somehow, he managed to keep his composure as he grasped Harry’s hands in his and then pulled him into a hug.

“Thank you.”

That was all Adam found himself capable of whispering into Harry’s ear. And when Harry’s arms went around him, hugging with a tight squeeze… it was hard for Adam to not wonder if maybe he’d been the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. But he had been young and stupid, not to mention incredibly young and didn’t know what he had until it was far too late. When they drew apart, Harry gave him a slow, crooked smile.

“So, last few hours in London. What would you like to do?”

The only thing Adam could think of was simple. When they finished off breakfast they made the short walk to the Charing Cross area. The Leaky Cauldron was fairly empty as they walked through. The bricks peeled themselves back and Adam took Harry’s hand in his as they walked onto the cobbled street. He could smell the roasting beans already and it made him tug on Harry’s hand a little more.

The rest of the morning was whiled away in a small wizarding coffee shop. There was the tall wizard with dark ebony skin and pharonic looks who served them with tiny, blue faience cups that had slowly swirling, eddying constellations moving across them. He insisted Adam take them when he gushed over them. Harry had simply watched in amusement, left him to fend for himself. The rest of the morning was lost in conversation and coffee. By the time they had to leave, the owner – Ramses, which left Adam even more determined to see wizarding Egypt and Alexandria at some point – told them tocome back any time.

It felt a bit surreal walking back to the entrance to Diagon Alley. Harry took his bag and Adam stepped in, hugging Harry tightly. That strange sensation came once more and when it stopped, he found himself looking at a dim room. He looked around in confusion before there was a muffled oath from Harry. Then he was being dragged along, passing by cubicles and sleeping computers. A door was magicked open and Adam found himself right on an already bustling New York street.

Harry kept a fast pace and Adam was finding himself a little winded trying to keep up wiith him. By the time eight came, Adam found himself hustled into the doors of the NBC building. He was breatheless and breathing heavy, while looking at a startled receptionist. After a few minutes on her headset, she disappeared to find the producer. Harry turned to Adam.

“I need to get back home,” Harry looked unsure. “Are you going to be –”

Adam nodded. The feather felt like a solid, comfortable weight against his chest. “I’ll be fine. They’re probably wondering what I’m doing here so early.”

“That’s you. Punctual.”

“Mama didn’t raise no fool.”

That was all Adam said before he tugged Harry in and hugged him. Harry didn’t say a word, hugging him back tightly for a moment before he drew back. There was a flicker of indecision on his face before he pulled Adam down and kissed him on the cheek.

“Now, go finish up becoming a rock star. You’re nearly there, love.”

There was that easy confidence and as Adam watched Harry walk out, he couldn’t help but grin. Almost there, he was almost there. There was just the tour, trying to squeeze in recording and his album and five million other things that demanded his attention once more.

Adam was feeling more than ready to take it all on.

The beep of the keycard sounded unnaturally loud to Harry’s ears. But the lobby door opened and he trudged in. His travel pack was shrunken down, tucked away in his pocket. All he could really think about was just getting through his front door, crawling into bed, and never moving again. The elevator seemed to take forever and when he was finally on it he swiped the card, pressed the topmost button, and sagged back against the wall.

At least all the bedrooms were on the bottom level of his apartment. His two level apartment that Ron had called utterly bonkers, with a price to match. Hermione had simply looked aorund and asked if hewould actually use the room. Considering both Teddy and Rose had a room for themselves, while there was the guest room, Harry was inclined to say yes, he would. There was no denying Ron’s point of the extravagant price, but he figured he might as well put that Black inheritance to some use.

The elevator slowed to a stop before a ‘ding’ came and the doors slid open. He stepped out, digging for his keys. When he stepped into the house it was nearly how he left it. Quiet and cool. Only there was light coming down from the stairwell. Caution pushed his exhaustion aside as he carefully drew his wand. His home was warded for protection, but he wasn’t about to take the chance. He crept up the stairs and peered over the top of the first one.

Just a few lights were on in the kitchen. And right on the kitchen island was a small box with a folded piece of paper on top. He stepped up the rest of the way and approached. When he spotted the writing on the folded paper, he sheathed his wand and picked it up. Hermione’s neat precise writing was clear as a bell.

“Came home and found Adam shipped this to me for you,” he murmured as he read the note. “Figured you’d want it right away.”

The small ‘xo’ followed by her initial made him smile and he walked to the living room opening the box. There was a ridiculous amount of white foam bits and then odd bags of air. Harry settled himself on the couch, digging through until he found a square wrapped in plain brown paper. Attached to the front was a small card with his name in Adam’s writing.

‘Ask and ye shall receive. Like I could ever deny you, baby.’

The exhaustion was creeping back over him, but Harry could just see the look on Adam’s face. The irrepressible smile that reached his eyes. Maybe a wink thrown in and some comment that left Harry feeling that his breath caught in his throat and there was no safe reply. But he ripped open the package and found himself looking at a fairly androgynous picture of Adam. His head was tilted to the side, shock of blue hair nearly blending in with the background. His trademark fingerless gloves were on, spiked and chained and with some fairly subtle make-up on his eyes. Well, some of the subtlest Harry had every seen on him.

And slanted across the front in a legible writing was Adam’s signature. Harry looked at it for a moment before it all clicked. Right, he had asked Adam for a copy of his album when it was released. Only, it wasn’t officially supposed to be released for at least another three days as far as Harry knew.

He sat there for a moment, looking at the glossy case in his hands. This was it. Adam had done it. A laugh snuck its way out and he turned the case over, looking at the back. God, this whole thing, it was slick marketing, slicker packaging, and yet so Adam… somehow Harry didn’t think everyone else was really remotely ready for him yet. They were about to get a much better idea of the man they’d all watched on American Idol.

He shrugged out of his jacket, leaving it on the couch as he stood up. The main console of the stereo system was tucked away in the bookcase, with speakers neatly set up around the upper floor. Adam had to have messaged him on Twitter about fifteen times, reminding him to buy a stereo system, anything capable of playing a CD. Harry wasn’t going to lie: it was a good thing Adam had, otherwise, he’d be looking at a CD and wondering where to find a player at quarter to eight in the morning in London. He quickly cast a silencing spell on the walls of his place before he cranked the volume all the way up and hit play.

Notes blared out from the speakers, leaving a steady thump of the rhythm in Harry’s bones. Exhaustion had vanished as he started moving around. It was hard to feel tired and ready to cave with this exhilirating feeling taking over. He listened to Adam’s voice work with the music and beats and it left him feeling more than ready to stay up. He put his jacket away and started unpacking as the heavy beat of the second track started and the lyrics felt as if they were burning into his brain, leaving his skin prickling in anticipation.

Dear Merlin, America was so not ready for Adam Lambert. Possibly the world.

By some track, six, Harry vaguely thought, that sounded anthemic, he was half dancing in the kitchen. He quickly put together a sandwich with a mug of tea. He settled down at the kitchen island on a stool, foot tapping out the beat. The latter half of the album slowed down from the snappy beats, shifting to something that felt more introspective and personal. By the time the last track played, crumbs were on Harry’s plate and his tea was half forgotten. In his hand was his mobile, with Adam’s contact page up. His finger hovered over the green call button. For a few moments he didn’t know if should call or just text message.

“I’m being daft,” he muttered to himself as he hit the call button. “Nothing’s different.”

Harry figured if he kept tell himself that, he’d actually believe it. It had to all be in his head. Listening to the album, he figured that it had to be in his head and it was as simple as that. He had enjoyed the album, there was no doubt about that. But that small voice had started up in the back of his mind, asking just what Adam was really singing about. Harry figured Adam was just singing, doing his thing. But that small voice even questioned that and Harry was sure that he was overtired now and –

There was the sound of cloth rustling and then, ‘Hey, baby.’

Adam sounded fully awake and Harry just said the first thing that popped into his head. “Bloody amazing album, love.”

‘Thanks,’ there came the sound of something clunking down. ‘You’ve got good timing. I just walked in the front door. You sound tired.’

“Just got in too,” Harry glanced at the clock on the wall before wincing and saying, “About an hour ago. It’s nine in the morning here.”

‘How was your assignment this time?’

“A simple repel charm, that’s all they had to do,” Harry scrubbed at his hair before resting his cheek on his palm. “That is not difficult and it seems like I get called in for more and more stupid shite like this. It’s just…”

‘You sounded really frustrated before you left. Were you still thinking of finding another job?’

“No. Yes. Damn, I don’t know,” Harry sighed. “But I didn’t call to bore you with my boring problems.”

Adam laughed. ‘Honestly, I don’t mind. You just keep stuff to yourself too much. I’m guessing you haven’t told Hermione or Ron how you feel about all this.’

“No. They’ve got their hands full with Rose and Hugo now.” Harry lapsed into silence for a moment before he continued with, “So what are you up to tonight?”

‘Just crashed on the couch, channel surfing,’ Adam grunted, that odd little sound he made when he was getting really comfortable. ‘Taking a break the next week. Then it’s more album promotion, talking to studio heads about doing a tour for the album…’

“I’d pay to see that,” Harry remembered Adam from long ago in The Zodiac Show. He could only imagine Adam on a bigger stage with completely free reign to do as he pleased. “Granted, I wouldn’t be mindlessly screaming my head off, but you know… I would. Any chance I could.”

There was a pronounced silence from the other end and then Adam chuckled, ‘You think I’d let you pay for a ticket when I’ll get comps? No arguing. When this happens, you let me know when and where, all right?’

Harry laughed softly, feeling like there was something he had missed there. But then Adam was talking once more.

‘Are you off again? You should be, I hope.’

“I am. I promised Rosie I’d take her to the zoo. A regular zoo. She’s finally realised that she’s never seen a platypus. They have a temporary exhibit, so I figured it’s better than having to go to Australia.”

There was a soft chuckle from Adam and then silence. It stretched on and Harry was about to ask if he’d fallen asleep when Adam spoke again.

‘Do you think you’d be able to squeeze me in anywhere?’

There were a number of answers that came to mind. Harry opened his mouth and closed it, only to do so a few more times. He must have sputtered or made vague noises because then Adam spoke again,

‘I miss you like you wouldn’t fucking believe,’

The words registered in Harry’s mind. But there was a tone behind them, something urgent and intent that left him not quite comprehending the words. But Adam was still talking and as the words registered it became increasingly hard to concentrate on much of anything.

‘I just want to see you, spend some time with you before I have no time. And who knows the fuck when you might with all the bullshit they’re putting you through. If you can’t, I understand but if –’

“Adam,” Harry said, his voice quiet and hoarse. He cleared it a bit before interrupting with, “Adam. Adam. Adam. Hang on. What… why…” He paused before he took a steadying breath. “Adam, are you asking me what I think you are?”

Silence was all Harry heard for a moment. But there was a slow inhale on the other side and then Adam simply said, ‘Yes, Harry, I am.’

If Harry hadn’t been gripping the counter, he didn’t know what would have happened. Hell, with how light-headed he was feeling he might have swooned like a damned idiot from one of those trashy romance novels. He tightened his grip until his knuckles whitened. And when he managed to get his voice working again,

“But what about you, love? Are you where you want to be? Adam, I can’t… it won’t… it can’t be like last time.”

There was a indecisive sound from Adam. ‘I’d like for things to be more settled, I’m not gonna lie.’

“It’s all or nothing, love,” Harry wished his voice didn’t sound so hoarse. “I want both of us going into this with our eyes wide open. Not shut like last time. I don’t want it to be like before.”

‘I just need to do this promo round, this tour shit and –’ Adam started.

“Love, you do not need to explain yourself to me. Besides, what’s a bit more time?” Harry tried. “Though, if you really want to get some points, any stuffed animal you can send for Rosie would be much appreciated.”

‘One stuffed platypus coming up.’ Adam joked.

And just like that, the easy banter was back. But Adam’s words, said and unsaid, were all still there. It felt familiar and strange at the same time. Somehow he faked his way through a conversation on something before Adam was saying something about the time and how the both of them needed to sleep. He said good night and hung up the phone. The sun was up and bright now and Harry washed up his dishes and made his way downstairs to his bedroom.

He showered, threw on pyjama bottoms, and pulled down the blackout curtains before crawling into bed. As soon as he pulled the covers up he felt a prickle in his eyes. He blinked rapidly, but it grew worse and he was rubbing the heels of his hands against his eyes.

What he didn’t know was if the tears were from delirious happiness or sheer terror at the simple idea that they might fuck this up all over again.

By now, Adam should have been used to nerves. Of all kinds. But he was due to go on soon. And Harry hadn’t shown up yet. He knew the Harry was around, he’d talked to Harry just yesterday… or really early today, depending on how one looked at it. Not to mention he’d killed a few hours through set-up and run through direct messaging him on Twitter. So he knew Harry had received the guest pass to the opening show and he’d assured Adam that he would be there. And now, sitting here in his dressing room, fringed coat on with the top hat perched on his head… he was seriously starting to worry.

He fiddled with his phone, debating texting to see where Harry was when a sharp rap sounded on his door. He glanced over as he heard Sutan’s voice singsong,

“Got a surprise for you, honey!”

Fuck, there was no conceivable way he needed more makeup. He opened the door, intending to tell Sutan just that. Only he found himself facing Sutan and Harry. Sutan looked gleeful and a look at Harry’s face said way. Red and gold makeup burst out from one eye, in a glitter sworled mask. There were rhinestones glittering at his eyes and Adam just stared for a moment.

“Monte spotted him, saved him from the rabids lurking outside,” Sutan leaned in, flicking at the pass around Harry’s neck. “Never show them what you’ve got.”

A blush crept up from Harry’s neck as Sutan slipped the pass underneath Harry’s plain t-shirt. Adam couldn’t help but smile as Sutan slipped away through the jumbled mess of people and equipment along the back hallway. He gave Harry a tight hug before tugging him into the dressing room.

“It’s so good to –” Harry started, a wide smile on his face.

Adam didn’t care how Sutan would bitch him out later. He cupped Harry’s face in his hands and kissed him. When Harry’s hands curled over his wrists and slid up along his arms, Adam swore he felt his heart trip, a few irregular beats stealing his breath. Harry tilted his head up, fingers digging into Adam’s shoulders. The jacket bunched underneath and oh God, Adam needed this like man in the desert needed water. He didn’t quite realise how parched he’d been.

He crowded Harry back against the door, savouring the feel of Harry’s body flush against his. Harry inhaled sharply and shifted. His thigh lodged in between Adam’s legs. There wasn’t a single complaint that Adam could think of.

“Adam!” the abrupt voice was followed by heavy thumps on the door. “Five minutes! They’re finishing up your set.”

He broke off, somehow managing to not verbally swear. “Okay. Thanks. Be out in a second.”

Harry was completely flushed now. His lips were puffy and slick and his eyes were fixed right on Adam. His mouth curved up into a smile and his grip on Adam’s shoulders relaxed.

“You’ve got a show to do, remember?”

“You’re staying, right?” Adam whispered.

“I’m going home tomorrow,” Harry slipped to the side, opening the door. “Your adoring fans await.”

Adam laughed, taking Harry’s hand in his and tugging him along. Everyone was clustered at the sides, waiting for the stage to dim. Adam parked Harry right beside Sutan, who decided wrapping an arm over Harry’s shoulder and ruffling his hair was the best thing. Monte was busy peering out, but everyone else was looking at Harry. Adam could practically feel the questions coming his way afterwards, but he didn’t care and –

The crowd roared as the stage darkened. Everyone slipped out to take their places. Adam looked back for a moment, leaning in to kiss Harry quickly before he strode out. Slowly, the darkness shifted to something softer, muted with the backdrop of the moon and purple clouds. And when the spotlight hit Adam gave himself over to performing. It was always such a high to get on the stage, any stage, to feed off the energy from the crowd and play it back for them. He always lost himself in it, the act and moment.

By the time he finished the set and the encores, he fumbled his way back to the dressing room. The high was still buzzing along his skin. When he got back to his dressing room, Harry wasn’t there at all. Even as he took off the make-up and changed, making sure the stage clothes were properly hung up, Harry didn’t appear once. It was just as he was leaving to go do autographs when Sutan slipped beside him.

“You’re grumpy,” Sutam smiled, secretive and indulgent. “Now, I’m not telling you to rush the autograph line, but you might want to speed it along. Expedite it.”

Adam simply looked at Sutan, both eyebrows raised. “Okay.”

“Some amazingly awesome individuals might have ensured a certain guest was spirited onto your tour bus. We take full payment in alcohol and possibly a dinner. But that last one’s not for me. Girl’s gotta watch her figure.”

Sutan gave him a playful swat on the ass before turning to disappear back deeper into the venue. Sometimes, Adam could kill Sutan for these little things. Professionalism kept him from rushing through the line, even though it felt a little like forever. Tommy and Monte joined him, making the time pass by a somewhat faster. But it was still close to midnight by the time he stepped onto the tour bus. He made a direct beeline to his bedroom, murmuring ‘Night’ as he passed people. He slipped through the tiny doorway, making sure the door was closed and locked before he turned around.

Tucked under the covers and drowsy-eyed was Harry. He sat up, rubbing at his eyes. “Was just having a nap. I didn’t know how long you’d be. I’m beat, been up essentially all night.”

Adam toed off his shoes, shrugged off his jacket and walked over to the bed. He crawled on top until he was close enough to tug Harry in for a kiss. Harry stretched, moving in closer before he pulled back a little.

“You showered already.” He looked puzzled.

“Had one in the venue. I was just on stage, baby. Do you really think I’d go do autographs stinking of sweat?”

Adam shifted, sitting up and pulling off his shirt. He wriggled out of his pants next, followed by his socks. They were neatly folded and placed on the dresser top before he hurried back to the bed. He slipped beneath the covers. Harry had already warmed them up. Fitting himself against Harry’s back honestly felt a lot like coming home. He was more than happy to stay this way, but Harry seemed to have other ideas.

He sat up, pushing the covers back down. “C’mon, roll on your stomach.”

“Why?” That was the only protest Adam mounted as he did just that.

The bed shifted as Harry moved. He leaned over Adam, grabbing something from somewhere. When he straddled Adam’s hips, that got Adam to lift his head and look back. Harry was squirting a ridiculous amount of something oily looking into his hands. Adam pushed himself up, intent on telling Harry he didn’t need to.

But then those hands dug right into his shoulders and Adam was gone. He flopped back down, stretching his arms down his sides and turning his head. Harry’s hands worked their way from his shoulders and down his back, kneading the muscles into a loose state.

“You’re spoiling me,” Adam murmured slowly. “It’s not like I’m getting this every night.”

Harry’s hands paused on his hips. Then there was shifting and Harry was leaning forward, pressing a kiss against the side of his neck. When he started to straighten back up, Adam made a noise of protest, sliding a hand up and over Harry’s leg. Harry slipped off Adam completely, settling down beside him. Adam didn’t waste the chance. He moved in closer to Harry, shifting onto his side to kiss him.

Harry smiled against his mouth and slid a hand down to tug at the elastic of his boxers. “Why’d you even bother with these love?”

Not that Harry gave him a chance to even answer. The front of his boxers were pulled down and then Harry wrapped his hand around Adam’s cock. With a sharp inhale, Adam lazily rolled his hips up into Harry’s hand. This was what he wanted, that sure touch Harry had. He broke the kiss and shifted his head down, scraping his teeth softly along Harry’s neck. That got a choked sound from Harry and a jerky hip movement. Adam grinned as he nipped at Harry’s collarbone.

“Do you have condoms with you?”

“Oh no,” Somehow Harry’s voice was steady. “It’s after midnight and I’m not keeping you up half the night. We should…”

Harry’s words trailed off as Adam slid a hand down into his pyjama pants and started working his cock steadily. One of Harry’s hands caught in his hair, fingers tightening into a firm grip. And when Harry kissed him again, it was all tongue, open-mouthed and left Adam gasping for breath when Harry finally broke off. Harry drew away for a second and then Adam found his boxers slid off. The bed bounced a bit as Harry got his pyjama bottoms off and Adam laughed as he looked in the drawer of the small nightstand. Then a moment later,

“How do you not have condoms love?” Harry was staring at the drawer, a look of horror on his face.

“Been a bit busy,” Adam half sat up, watching as Harry took out the small tube of lube. “You don’t have any?”

“It was honestly the last thing on my mind,” Harry sat up, pouring out a generous dollop into his hand. “Here.”

Curious, Adam let Harry take a hand and lube the palm. When he laced their fingers together and settled down on top of Adam, it all clicked into place. Harry guided their hands, wrapping them around their cocks and started stroking slowly. He let Harry guide the pace, running his free hand anywhere he wanted. Harry’s hand stuttered a few times when Adam grabbed his ass, fingers digging in hard. Then Adam would find himself kissed breathless before his face was brushed with more kisses, feather soft and everywhere.

He had no idea how long Harry drew it out, but when his orgasm came, it sunk its claws in deep. It stole over him quietly, leaving him whimpering and writhing beneath Harry. Harry’s hand kept his moving and everything felt oversensitized, as if Harry knew he could unravel Adam apart and leave him blissed out.


That was all Adam managed as he pulled Harry down into a kiss. He tightened his grip around Harry’s cock, stroking slowly and firmly. When Harry came, it was with a shudder and his fingers gripping the sheets tightly. Adam leaned forward pressing gentle kisses against the corner of Harry’s mouth. He could feel the come on his belly, momentary ribbons of warmth.


That was all Harry gasped out as he rolled onto the bed beside Adam. For a moment, Adam wondered just what to use to clean themselves up. He sat up on the side of the bed and grabbed his boxers from the floor. A few seconds later, something prodded him in the ass. When he glanced behind, he saw Harry poking him with a half full bottle of water. He dampened a section and wiped himself off before doing the same for Harry. They rubbed their hands free from lube on the rest before Harry took it, balled it up and lobbed it into the tiny collapsible laundry hamper.

“Do you really have to go tomorrow?” Adam murmured as they got beneath the covers.

“I do,” Harry moved in closer until he was comfortably settled against Adam’s chest. He pressed a kiss against the crook of Adam’s neck, his lips lingering for a moment before he said quietly,“I’d stay if I could.”

Adam heard everything that wasn’t said in those words. He brought a hand to Harry’s hair, burying his fingers in it. His other hand found its way to Harry’s wrist, stroking over the knob of bone. And when he turned his head to kiss Harry’s forehead all he replied with was, “I know you would.”

It was cold and blustery with the wind howling. Late evenings should not be like this. Harry pulled his cloak in tighter around him and ducked his head down. It didn’t help that work had reared its ugly head once more and he found himself unable to catch a single one of Adam’s concerts over here, in his own country. It was the final straw. Kingsley had taken one look at his resignation letter and simply nodded his head.

As soon as the letter was in hand, Kingsley sat him down and they had talked. Maybe it was because he quit, but by the time Harry left Kingsley’s office for the last time he wasn’t as infuriated as he had felt walking in. It wasn’t Kingsley’s fault he was caught between a rock and a hard place. And judging from the expression on Kingsley’s face, Harry figured it was only a matter of time before the wizard tendered his resignation as well. Budget cuts were one thing, but essentially outsourcing Auror positions was something else entirely.

Diagon Alley was fairly deserted, given the bad weather. Most of the stores had closed up early. Harry was feeling very inclined to go home. Maybe he could try to get a hold of Adam, for the fifth time today. Apologise profusely, maybe throw in a bit of grovelling and that would be that.

Of course, it would be easier to do that if Adam picked up his phone. It was leaving him feeling a bit jittery that Adam was here, in London and Harry wasn’t getting a single answer from him. Not by phone, but that didn’t surprise Harry, not be email and not by Twitter.

With a grumble, he adjusted the jacket beneath his coat. The collar was flipped up and the cloak pulled in tighter again. He turned a corner and nearly collided with someone. He stepped back and blinked in surprise.


“Didn’t expect to run into you here. Just closing up and heading home,” Ramses eyed him. “But you look frozen to the bone.”

“Just heading home myself. If you like –” Harry started.

“No, no, come. My shop is much closer than your home. We’ll get you warmed up and then we can be on our way.”

Any protest Harry had vanished when Ramses looped an arm through his and started walking. If Harry didn’t walk, he would be forcibly dragged along. At least that’s what he suspected from Ramses’s determined stride. He vaguely thought that he had to make friends with people who weren’t insanely tall. Ramses topped Adam by a good six inches. The overhanging wooden sign with the elegant script of ‘Kaffe’ swung in the wind and Harry huddled as Ramses opened the door and ushered him in.

Harry shook his cloak out, taking in the shadowy shapes. “Well, since you insist.”

Silence greeted him and Harry turned to look around. The door was closed and Ramses was standing outside, his back to the door. What the hell? He hadn’t even heard the door close. Almost instantaneously a warm glow filled the tiny place. Candles were everywhere, softly flickering. Confused, Harry looked around before he caught sight of the familiar silhouette getting up from a table.

“Adam,” he croaked out. “What –”

“Ramses came and saw my show yesterday,” Adam walked up to him slowly. “So I asked him for a favour.”

“To take over his coffee shop?” Harry looked around once more, just to make sure it was just the two of them. “Is this why you haven’t been answering your phone? Roaming?”

“Partially. And I wanted to surprise my boyfriend.” A grin came to Adam’s face now. “Because his shitty job keeps pulling him away.”

Harry blinked for a moment. There was that word: boyfriend. It took a moment for his heart to stop racing before he blurted out. “I quit today. Just walked in, gave my letter and quit on the spot. I honestly don’t ask for much, just a day off here and there. And this… that was it. I couldn’t handle the workload they kept piling on and… it was too fucking much and I really missed you and –”

All Adam did was lean forward and brush his lips against Harry’s. For a moment, Harry smiled and slid his arms up and around Adam’s shoulders before he nipped lightly on Adam’s lower lip. That got a chuckle from him that Harry promptly ended by kissing him properly. He tugged him down, deepening the kiss by tilting his head upwards. A groan came from Adam and the next thing Harry knew those hands were on his hips, pulling him in tightly. He inhaled sharply and moved against Adam, rubbing their groins together.

“Fuck,” Adam swore as he broke the kiss. “I swear, I had another plan that didn’t involve us practically dry humping."

“All right, what is it then? So far, I’m very much for this current, unexpected plan.”

Adam straightened up enough to look at Harry properly. “Move in with me.”

For a split second Harry’s initial impulse was to just laugh. But he took in Adam’s serious expression, thought over everything they said and hadn’t said over the duration of the tour so far…

He moved a hand, lazily stroking the hairs at the nape of Adam’s neck. “Okay.”

Adam’s eyes widened in surprise. “That’s it? Just okay?”

“Yes,” Harry laughed now. “What the hell could I argue for that wouldn’t make me seem like a jerk who’s trying to slip free of commitment? You know, that thing I wanted too soon the first time around?”

“I remember. I was young and stupid. Cut me some slack, would you?” Adam murmured as he nuzzled at Harry’s temple.

“I suppose,” Harry turned, glancing back at the door. “I think perhaps Ramses would like to go home.”

“So would I. Well, your home. It’s closer than mine. And I don’t fly back to LA until the end of the week,” Adam gave him a sly look. “There’s still space on my flight, you know.”

“Travelling on a plane. I’ll give it a try,” Harry smiled. “C’mon, let’s get going.”

He started for the door, Adam following behind him. He kept Harry’s hand and linked their fingers together. When he rapped on the glass, Ramses turned around. His eyes snapped right to their joined hands and Harry didn’t think a door had ever been opened so fast or the both of them swept up into such a massive hug.

By the time they left, Ramses had shoved two charmed travel mugs in their hands, ‘for the cold walk home’ and Apparated away. It was still blustery as they quickly walked out of Diagon Alley and onto Charing Cross Road. They walked back, sipping coffee. They popped into a chip store close to Harry’s building and came out with greasy bundles all taped up.

As soon as they stepped foot in Harry’s place, they charged up the stairs, dumped jackets and a cloak on the banister before making a beeline for the living room. Adam started ripping into the taped bundles as Harry dashed into the kitchen for a few bottles of beer. They sprawled together on the couch, eating chips and fried fish while watching the news. When some car commercial came on again for the third time, Harry turned his head and looked at Adam.

“So you really want me to move in with you?”

“Mm-hm,” Adam shifted watching Harry’s face for a moment before he spoke again. “Why?”

“I’m not changing my mind… just,” Harry trailed off for a moment before he asked, “All or nothing?”

Adam blinked for a moment before Harry saw it click in his eyes. Then Adam smiled and kissed him softly before murmuring, “I’m all in.”

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