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March 25th, 2005

Dear Adam,

You won't answer my calls and I can't say I blame you. If you're even reading this, then please don't rip it to shreds until the end.

I can't say that

You really should have

Fuck, I am terrible at this shite.

I'm sorry. I never meant to make you feel that way. I want to ask what I can do to make it up to you. And that entirely defeats the point you were trying to make.

If you actually bother to reply to this, then I promise to not be such a pigheaded shite and listen better. properly. Really, seriously listen.

If you don't, then I wish you all the best Adam. Take care and know that for two months you made me so incredibly happy, I'll remember it for the rest of my life.


September 25th, 2005


I’m not that much of an asshole that I purposefully left replying until later. I just didn’t know what to say really. I landed an understudy role in Wicked, basically toured through spring and summer.

Managed to skip off a little early when we hit LA and went to Burning Man. Big thing in the desert, and

Okay, look I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Look where that got me the first and only time I did that.

It just felt really imbalanced with you paying for everything. And it’s not about who’s the girl and who’s the guy – who came up with that fucking stupid asinine fucking bullshit anyhow – but I wanted things to be equal between us. Both of us contributing equally to the relationship.

I just didn’t get that feeling. But by that same token, having had plenty of time to look things over… I can now see that’s very much a part of who you are. It’s just innate to you. You look after people and don’t think anything of it.

And I took that and threw it back in your face like it was shit. If anyone should be apologizing, it should be me for being such an egotistical, self-absorbed asshole.

This isn’t becoming a pity fest. But I did a lot of thinking during the tour. All I can say is that I’m sorry for doing that to you.

If you’d still like to be friends, I promise to be less of a dick.

November 15th, 2005


Okay, so you won’t be a dick and I won’t be a deaf bugger. Wicked? Oh, that bloody book. Hags are up in arms over that. Says it’s an unfairly beautiful depiction of hags. Just one wart does not a hag make, apparently. How was the tour though? Next one you go on, send me postcards or something. You have a much better broom-flying lifestyle than me. I just got to deal with the hag riots up in Scotland.

In other news, my friend Hermione found out she’s pregnant a few weeks ago. She and Ron don’t want to know the sex. I’m kind of hoping they have a little girl.


January 29th, 2006


Not really going anywhere at the moment. Just keeping busy finding gigs, doing some drag shows. Gotta eat and keep a roof over my head you know.

Now, when you say hags you literally mean hags? As in the warty, hunchbacked kind? The ones that are nothing like Elphaba?

Aw, you’re going to be an uncle. Any bet you’ll be a kick-ass uncle as well.

Oh, Danielle says hello. I think she kind of wants you to come visit again.

February 14th, 2006

Merlin, I hate Valentine’s Day. Remind me again why there’s such an asinine holiday like this?

In case you’re wondering, I had an awful date. I’m not going into it. End of the matter. And I also found out today that I’m going back to Greece for ten months. I’m going to be so damned busy it’s… fuck, I have no words for it. Consulting is good for the money but bad for realistic expectations.

By the by, did you get that birthday gift I sent for you? It should have come by now. No, didn’t send it by owl or alternate means. Used the post office.

I’ll try to get you my temporary address in Greece if I can. I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to reply back.


December 25th, 2006


I just figured I’d wait until you were back. Hopefully in one piece and having not fallen from flying horses. Still can’t believe I just wrote that.

I’ve been busy. Studio work, gigs, drag and I’m in a band now. Met Monte (he’s the guitarist) at a coffee shop with his wife. He said he was in a band, looking for a singer. I auditioned and got it. We’re called The Citizen Vein and we just had our first show.

Um, what else… oh! Also audtioned for Wicked again. It’s running from February until October in 2008. I think I’ll get it. They haven’t called back yet, but Terrance got called yesterday, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Can’t say the same about Valentine’s. I was busy to say the least so, yeah. And I did get your gift. I absolutely love it, thank you so much. Everyone always asks me where I found a golden scarab that looks so real.

October 2nd, 2007


How was Wicked?! You had to have been busy. I’ve been as well, so let’s pretend nearly a year hasn’t passed by that we haven’t kept in touch, yeah?

I’ve been back to Egypt with Ron’s brother Bill, learning the finer points of curse breaking and ’tomb-raiding.’ Let’s just say that ancient Egyptian wizards took their tomb security very seriously.

And yes, there is a pendant in here for you. And before you ask, I bought it at a market stall for a couple of bucks. But I saw the alabaster and turquoise Eye of Ra and you popped into mind. Complete impulse buy, I know. But I really thought you should have it, and I wanted you to.

Don’t be a dick, just accept it with good grace. Think of it as an early birthday gift.


February 29th, 2008


Damn, it’s been insanely busy. I’m finally writing because I’m off from Wicked with a shoulder injury. Can’t really move my left arm. I’ve got it in a sling most of the time, just to rest it.

And it’s my left arm, don’t worry.

I’m doing a few benefit shows, nothing much. Pretty much following doctor’s orders. Danielle’s making sure of that too. So I basically do a lot of leg work when dancing and then come home and laze about. If I had a pair of silk pyjamas, that would make it even better.

Trying to see if I can dig up anything for potential jobs after Wicked. That’s going to come all too soon. I’m a bit nervous about it. I mean, I’ve been at it so long and it feels like I’m stagnating. I dunno…

Did I mention they gave me really good pain meds?

April 5th, 2008


If you throw in the towel, I will come over there and thrash you. I don’t want to hear that bullshit from you. There’s got to be something you can do and dominate at. C’mon, throw ideas at me here.

May 2nd, 2008


… Okay, should never write and send you a letter when coming down from percocet. I’ve been hearing rumours of auditions for something big. I’ll see if that’ll pan out.

My shoulder’s healed up and I’m back on stage now. If I get anything concrete, I’ll let you know.

“I’m telling you, my money’s on the Cannons this year. This is the year they’ll win, without a doubt.”

Harry smiled and nodded his head. “So, if I told you I’m wagering on the Holyhead Harpies…”

It was worth it to see Ron sputter and choke in outrage. Hermione shook her head and smacked Harry on the arm lightly.

“Stop working him up. I mean really. You two still haven’t given up riling each other over the World Cup yet?”

“Hermione, I don’t think that’ll ever get old.”

Ron had settled down into mumbling about being betrayed and Harry couldn’t help but laugh. It had been too long since it had just been the three of them. Just the three of them, no kids, no other responsibilities. Well, they at least had the temporary illusion of freedom. Rose was off with her Aunt Andromeda, playing with cousin Teddy.

A wide smile came to Hermione’s face and she shook her head. “Honestly, you boys.”

“Besides,” Ron tilted his half full bitters glass at Harry, “How long has it been since someone’s taken the piss out of him?”

“Yesterday actually.” Harry fired back.

“You didn’t see anyone…” Ron trailed off in understanding. “So what’s the wannbe rockstar going on about now?”

Harry shrugged loosely. Adam wasn’t Ron’s favourite person in the world. When Harry had come back from America, broken-hearted and depressed, Hermione had fallen firmly on Adam’s side. She’d been sympathetic to him, but given him a gentle talking to. It had been as helpful as Ron’s fire and brimstone indignation and insistence that Harry was, ‘a fabulous catch’ and that Adam might have been, ‘the world’s most gormless fool.’

Neither Hermione or Ron had been quite sure what to make of Harry’s initial foray into corresponding with Adam through letters. And when Adam had sent a letter back, they’d seemed surprised. But they’d both held their tongues.

And three years later now, he had a shoebox under his bed with letters and postcards from Adam. Sometimes he wondered if Adam did the same, keeping all of their correspondence. When those ideas came up, he firmly squashed them, not letting himself even think such thoughts.

“Well?” Ron pressed.

“He still thinks I have one of the coolest jobs in the world, even if I complain unnecessarily about the paperwork.”

“Running around and fixing other people’s mistakes is… cool?” Ron said the word slowly, as if trying to figure it out. “He does remember you’re a consultant, right?”

Harry snorted, remembering how Adam teasingly called him ‘Sherlock’ sometimes. That was actually pretty damned close to it, consulting and working with the Auror department. “Oh, he remembers.”

“Anyhow,” Hermione said pointedly. “We’re not discussing Adam Lambert tonight. Besides, Ron and I have something for you.”

“We do?” Ron looked confused.

Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled out a small navy paper bag. It looked innocent enough, only right across the front in bright silver letters was, ‘Techmance.’ He eyed Hermione, who looked absolutely thrilled. Ron still looked confused, though he was finishing off his bitter. After a moment, he picked up the bag, looked inside and pulled out the box.

Ron still didn’t look impressed. “Oh, it’s one of those portable fellytone things.”

“Mobile,” Hermione corrected. “Because I know you travel, so I figured it’d be easier to call you rather than owl you all the time. I’ve already programmed our numbers in for you. And this way Rose can talk to her Uncle Harry whenever she likes, within reason.”

“It’s lovely, but it’ll fry the second I try to use it. Remember the laptop?” Though Harry would really rather not recall his first and only foray with technology.

“It won’t explode like the laptop.” Hermione reached into the bag and pulled out a small booklet. She slid it over to him, “All their products are designed to work with anything magical nearby.”

“Okay,” Harry studied the box with the phone before he opened it. “This looks interesting, I’ll give you that.”

“You turn it on by pressing this red button here,” Hermione pointed and Harry did just that. “And I know it seems like far too much, but this is one of the better phones that they offered. Plus I know how forgetful you can be sometimes, so it’s got a planner in it –”

“Merlin, Hermione, if you tell me that felly thing can wipe his arse –” Ron started.

Hermione scoffed. “Ron, there is no application for that. Anyways…”

Harry was too busy looking at the smooth, reflective surface of the phone. Hermione’s words blended in with the background as Harry studied the phone. Maybe… after all this time, he could give Adam a call. He’d thought about it, but then hadn’t been able to really justify it to himself. It meant he had to go out and buy a phone, get it installed and who knew how long that would last. Cars, hell, he couldn’t really drive cars now. Computers were in cars, it was simply insanity.

But this sleek, black rectangle in his hand… it was…

“Dear Merlin, it’s vibrating!”

Harry threw the phone out of his hands onto the table. Ron was looking at it like it morphed into some unstoppable killing machine. Harry just stared at the display, wondering what he should do with it exactly.

“You might want to pick up the phone, Harry.” Hermione said gently.

“How the bloody hell do I do that?” Harry peered at it, wondering why the phone number was obscenely long.

“The green button.”

Harry looked unsure, still eyeing the phone as it slowly skittered across the table. But after a moment he picked it up, pressed the green button, and put it to his ear. “Hello?”

‘Harry? Oh thank fucking God, I got you. I don’t know if I can do this and –’

For a moment, Harry froze before he said, “Adam?”

‘Who else would it be?’

“I… Um… I just got this phone. How did you get this number?” Harry had a sneaking suspicion though.

‘You sent it to me a few days ago. I’ve been busy practicing for an audition. And I’m here now and my mom’s off in the bathroom and –’

“Okay, hang on,” Harry slid out of the seat and went outside. Once he was on the quiet street, “All right, what’s going on exactly?”

‘I’m auditioning for a TV show. There’s so many other people here, it’s insane.’

There was a note of uncertainty in his voice and Harry frowned. “What’s bothering you the most about this? Because if you think you’ll vanish in the sea of people, that is, by far, the most ridiculous thing I think you’ll ever have said to me.”

‘Harry, there’s over three thousand people here.’

“And only one of you. You’re bloody amazing Adam. You’ll go in there, knock ‘em dead and if anyone says otherwise, they’re a daft fool.’

There was silence on the other end and then, ‘You haven’t heard me sing in three years.’

“Maybe not, but I bet you only got better,” Harry shivered a bit, remembering when Adam had sung to him before. It had been jokingly while cooking, but Harry never forgot it. “You’ll do fine, don’t worry. But a telly show…”

‘You don’t approve?’

“People are fickle, that’s all. They love you one moment and can turn on you the next.”

‘I know,’ there was silence for a moment and then, ‘I shouldn’t be so damned nervous. This could be the big break I need.’

The heartsick flare-up caught Harry by surprise. It was sharp, pronounced, and made him desperately wish he was over in the States rather than here in England at the moment.

“This probably is your big break. And I swear to Merlin, Adam, you’d better not choke. Got it?”

‘When have I ever choked?’ The smile on Adam’s face was easily heard. ‘Okay, I can do this. I can.’

“Your last-minute jitters are always the worst. But you go in and knock them dead.”

‘Right. Hey, are you in the area?’

“No, I’m over in London. Out having dinner with Hermione and Ron.”

‘Shit, the ring wasn’t long-distance, I didn’t think – ’

Harry snorted. “Don’t worry about it. Why?”

‘I was just going to ask if you wanted to stop by. You know…’

All the reasons why Harry couldn’t, and probably shouldn’t, do just that came to mind. But he found himself looking at his watch, calculating the time difference and then saying,

“I can be there for ten, your time.”

‘You’re out with your friends –’ Adam started.

“It’s early evening here. It’s no problem. I’ll finish up with them, see what I can wrangle and pop over. I’ve been working pretty much non-stop for the past while anyhow.”

There was silence at that before Adam said, ‘…Okay. Only if you can manage it, all right?’

“All right,” Harry was glad he didn’t ask about the working non-stop thing. He’d wanted to kick himself the moment those words left his mouth, sure Adam would jump on them. “Okay, my friends are probably wondering where I am, so –”

‘No, no, s’okay. I’m surprised you didn’t tell me to call you back later. Go enjoy your dinner. I’ll text you my address okay. I moved again and I didn’t have a chance to write you a letter.’

“No problem. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

‘Yeah. I promise, I won’t be a bundle of nerves. Enjoy the rest of your night.’

“I will. And you’ll kill it. I know you will.”


That was all Adam said before he hung up. Harry stared at his phone. He’d need to make a Portkey.Attempting a trans-Atlantic Apparition wasn’t something Harry was feeling up to tonight.

But even as he walked back into the restaurant, a sense of elation filled him. In under twenty-four hours, he’d be seeing Adam again.

It would have been hard to not feel elated.

Not for the first time that night, Adam looked over his apartment and wondered what on Earth had possessed him to invite Harry over. Hell, just getting his phone number nearly a week ago had left him confused and unsure. Talking with Harry tonight had left Adam suspecting Harry’s friends. He had sounded honestly surprised when Adam called.

Calling Harry hadn’t been planned. His mom had driven him to the audition. When they’d walked in, the sense of being swallowed up crept over him. There were just so many other people. So when Leila had ducked into the bathroom, Adam had found himself digging for his phone and punching in Harry’s number.

And not that Adam had meant to ramble off at him. But to actually hear Harry’s voice, that smooth, lilting accent with that matter-of-fact tone… maybe he’d missed it more than he had realised.

Now, he was back home and the hour hand was steadily creeping towards ten. He’d gotten out from his audition in the afternoon and, after lunch with his mom, he’d come back home and cleaned. And cleaned. Then cleaned some more, wondered why he was being so damned ridiculous. When he realised it was after nine at night and the whole apartment practically reeked of cleaner, he’d thrown away the rubber gloves and bucket before taking a quick shower and ordering in food.

He had nailed the audition, but knowing that Harrry was coming over left him feeling like he was about to throw up and it was more infuriating than –

A soft knock came from the front door. After one last quick look around, he went and opened the door. Sure enough, it was Harry standing there. He had morning stubble, and tired circles around his eyes. His hair looked damp and like he’d been worrying at it all night. There was a messenger bag slung around his body and he was holding onto the strap wiith both hands.

“Okay,” Harry began as Adam looked back at him. “I know what I look like. It’s not that bad, really –”

Adam didn’t let him finish. He simply stepped forward and wrapped Harry up in a tight hug. For a moment, Harry didn’t respond and Adam wondered if he overstepped some boundary. But then Harry’s arms were around him, hugging back tightly.

“Shit, it’s so good to see you again.” Adam murmured into his hair.

“You too.” Harry’s voice still sounded sleep-rough. “You look fantastic.”

The only thing Adam gave in response to that was a dismissive grunt. After a few minutes though, he released Harry. There was a grin plastered to Harry’s face now, even though it was bright red. Adam looped a hand around the band of the messenger bag and tugged him in. There wasn’t a single protest from Harry.

“I didn’t know if you’d be hungry. I ordered some Chinese food about thirty minutes ago.”

“That sounds marvelous. I rolled out of bed and realised I barely had thirty minutes before my Portkey would activate,” Harry looked sheepish. “I meant to look more polished.”

“Yeah, because I’m so much of a diva you need to worry about that with me,” Adam gestured to the living room. “Make yourself comfy.”

Harry toed off his shoes, revealing odd looking socks. It took Adam a moment to realise they’d been hastily pulled on. He reached forward and pulled Harry’s messenger bag up and off. Harry glanced back at him, but when Adam simply raised an eyebrow, Harry just did the same before walking in. Adam slung the bag on his shoulder, following after Harry.

“It’s a nice place,” Harry looked around as he made a beeline for the couch. He shrugged out of his jacket, draping it on the back of the couch. “You went for hardwood instead of carpet?”

“Yeah, means I don’t have to spend half the damned day vaccuming,” Adam replied as he went to the bedroom. Harry’s bag was deposited in the door and when he came back he asked, “You want a coffee or anything?”

“Orange juice?” Harry ventured. “No, wait, Chinese food is coming. Coffee, please.”

“You still take it black, right?”

“Yes sir.”

Harry gave him a cheeky grin and Adam replied with an easy salute before heading for the kitchen. Somehow, Adam had seen this as being awkward as hell. It was why he was second-guessing his spur-of-the-moment request of Harry. But this… it was as if Harry hadn’t even left. That there hadn’t been that ugly break-up or the two months of hurting afterwards.

He went to the coffee machine, the one thing he had truly splurged on. He’d just ground up some beans and was filling up the machine when Harry’s head popped into the kitchen.

“Adam? The delivery guy is downstairs. Do you want me to –”

“Nope, got it,” Adam quickly dumped in the grinds and set the machine on to brew. “Be right back, okay.”

Harry just nodded, stepping aside for him to hurry to the door and jam his feet into a pair of beat-up sneakers. The elevator ride down and back up left Adam with just enough time to wonder what the hell he had been thinking. When he stepped back into his apartment and locked the door, there was no sight of Harry in the living room. But he spotted plates and cutlery on the table. Then a door opened and Harry stepped out of the bathroom.

“Just washing up. I figured we were eating in here, yeah?”

“Yeah. How’d you find the plates?” Adam asked, slipping his shoes off.

“I poked through your kitchen cupboards. Your plates are still on the right and your glasses on the left. Back cupboard.”

“Nosy fucker.” Adam tutted at him.

The conversation was easy, talking about Adam’s new apartment, Harry’s friends and their kids – Harry had come armed with plenty of those awesome moving wizarding pictures - and catching up on little details that hadn’t been packed into letters.

“Okay, so,” Harry said as he picked up the container with the remnants of stir-fried noodles. “This show thing you auditioned for, they want you back soon?”

“No, not until November,” Adam stretched before reaching forward and picking up the chicken balls. “They’re still holding audtions. It’s a nation-wide thing.”

“Nation-wide?” Harry stared at him, wide-eyed. “Damn, I thought it was just a local thing.”

“Nation-wide,” Adam repeated. “It’s kind of a big deal. I mean, over three thousand people alone auditioned in Hollywood.”

Harry still looked boggled, but asked, “And how did you do?”

“Oh! Right. I’m an idiot!”

Adam jumped up from the couch, tossing the package of chicken balls on the coffee table. He scrambled to the bedroom, digging in one of the nightstand drawers before he found it. He slid back out to the living room brandishing the yellow piece of paper.

“Nailed it! Four yeses. Or would it be ‘yeas’? Whatever, I got four thumbs up!”

Harry was half draped over the back of the couch, staring at it. “So, you auditioned for Willy Wonka and he gave you a thumbs up?”

“Jackass,” Adam fired back. “At least Drake wasn’t so catty about it.”

Harry just nodded his head. “Drake? Oh right, boyfriend. … Right?”

“He was ecstatic,” Adam said as he hopped over the back of the couch and settled down again.

“Well, I don’t really watch telly, so I don’t get what the big deal is,” Harry paused for a moment, eyes fixed on the paper. “But what I do think is that you’re long overdue for some recognition.”

“I know I didn’t pick the easiest career path, but –” Adam started.

“Yes, because the easy path is definitely for you,” Harry snorted. “I’m sorry, but even when I first met you, I couldn’t picture you doing the whole nine to five thing. Hell, you quit the nine to five thing, if I remember correctly.”

“Yeah, but –”

Harry seemed intent now. He reached over and flicked lightly at the ticket still in Adam’s hand. “Your future lies in this piece of paper. This piece of paper represents all the hard work and sacrifice you put into your career. You are long overdue, love.”

Adam just blinked for a moment in the face of Harry’s soft, intent words. Hell, that sounded much better than Drake’s, “You’ll do fine, quit worrying.” Those green eyes were fixed on him with a determined expression. Adam couldn’t shake the crazy notion that simply because Harry said it, everything he ever wanted would come to pass.

For a few moments all Adam could do was keep Harry’s gaze. Awareness prickled along his skin and his gaze dropped down to Harry’s mouth. He could remember what that mouth felt like against his, opening and yielding before it turned possessive and dominant. When he looked back up, Harry’s gaze was fixed on one of Adam’s arms.

“Fine,” Adam managed as he reached for the chicken balls again. “If you think the universe is long overdue in delivering the karmic payload…”

He stuffed a chicken ball in his mouth, chewing while managing a light shrug. That seemed to snap Harry out of it.

“You know it is,” Harry poked at the noodles for a moment before he looked at the box in Adam’s hand. “Give me one of those?”

The conversation flowed easily again and Adam was surprised the time hit nearly two in the morning by the time they finished talking. Harry must have noticed him stifling yawns, since he easily scooped up the trash. When he came back into the living room, he looked around.

“Where’s my bag?”

“Threw it in my room,” Adam rose from the couch, stretching again. “You can have my bed.”

“Or,” Harry said easily as he tugged on Adam’s arm. “You can have your own bed and I’ll conveniently fix up your couch.”

“And by fix up, you mean…”

“Make your couch into a bed,” Harry smiled. “Besides, I should try and sleep now too. Switch over. I’m here for about two weeks.”

“Two weeks?”

“That was the most time I could squeeze. I consult, but they still kind of hold me to a schedule.”

Adam frowned. “You save the world and they reward you with a job that entails you possibly endangering your life… sometimes… on occasion. Just… how…”

“Yeah, you need to sleep. You’re getting rambly. Bet Drake doesn’t let you get to this point. I’m terrible.”

Somehow Harry had gotten him down the hallway to the bedroom. The door was open and Harry had his bag on his shoulder. He rubbed at his eyes with the heel of his palm before yawning.

“I’ve got a show tomorrow night at Bardot’s. Eve Starlight’s retirement show. Drake had to cancel on me, he’s got an art show that he can’t get out of.”

“You sure? He might still be able to make it.” Harry sounded unsure.

“I’m sure. Completely conflicts.”

“Okay,” Harry looked unsure and then, “Adam, Drake does know about me right? I don’t want to cause problems.”

Adam nodded. Drake knew about Harry. Had found out when he’d asked about the crammed shoebox under Adam’s bed. He hadn’t been thrilled, but Adam made it clear that he wasn’t cutting Harry from his life. It was probably the one sore point between them. At least Brad hadn’t been so demanding. But then again, Drake wasn’t too thrilled that Adam was still friends with Brad either.

“Adam?” Harry sounded unsure now.

“He knows,” Adam nodded firmly. “Besides, Danielle will be there. If she sees you, she’ll go nuts.”

“She will?” Harry echoed.

“Oh yeah. She always thought you were awesome.”

“…If Danielle’s there, I’m sold,” Harry slid him a look and a grin. “Your final show is just a perk.”

“Ugh, bitch.” Adam scoffed in mock hurt.

“Go to sleep,” Harry pushed him into the bedroom. “I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Afternoon. Definitely the afternoon. No studio work today. That’s on Saturday.”

“Right. Duly noted. Night, love.”

Adam simply walked over to his bed, crawled beneath the covers and passed out with, ‘Night, baby’ whispered into the dark.

Bardot’s was pretty much the same as Harry recalled it from last time. Only this time, there was no Mr Black walking around with an ass on display. As Harry peeked out from behind the backstage curtain, he saw a packed club and so many swirling lights and so much glitter sparkling in the gloom.

“Harry, a hand with the headpiece.”

Adam’s annoyed tone caught his attention once more. He came over, saying, “Sorry. It’s absolutely crammed out there.”

“Course it is. This is Eve’s last show. Her farewell,” Adam glanced his way beneath a huge pair of black false eyelashes. “She’s had a following, you know.”

Harry nodded as he picked up the first piece of the headdress. Adam was peering at himself in the mirror with a slight frown. Adam’s skin was purple from head to toe, and his sensible pencil skirt was in bright peacock blue. So was his cotton blouse with the ridiculous flower attached to the side of one shoulder, the first few buttons undone. Harry’s eyes wandered down, taking in the wide belt that cinched around Adam’s waist. He tried to look away but found the peek of dark lace, catching against the paleness of Adam’s skin.

“Here.” The first piece was easily attached in, and Harry reached for the first of the other two.

Adam turned to face him, eyelashes fluttering shut. He fastened in the pieces, letting the wired beads and feathers float and drape in a riotous explosion from the large bun and simple beglittered netting over it. The last thing were the slingbacks – Harry wondered where Adam had hid those – and then Adam leaned over, slipping them onto his feet.

Harry turned, tidying up the brushes and make-up. He tucked them back away, studiously not paying attention as Adam stood up from his seat. For a moment, all that he heard was the sound of hands smoothing over fabric. And then the wolf-whistles and catcalls came from the others backstage getting ready. Adam stood there preening and only spoke when Harry was done tucking things away for him.

“Well, how do I look?”

When he looked up and caught Adam’s eye in the mirror, he steeled himself and turned completely.

He still felt bowled over. Once Adam hit that stage, he’d pop right out. Every eye in the place would be on him. He focused on his breathing and let his eyes skim over Adam. Letting himself look any longer than that…

“You’ll knock them dead,” Harry gave a smile. “And… just… fuck, don’t tell Drake I said this, but you in this get-up, it does everything for you.”

“Everything?” Adam’s smile turned knowing. “Do tell.”

Harry snorted. He would not go on how Adam’s torso looked like it went on for miles. Or about how amazing those shoes made his feet and calves look. Or just what that unbuttoned top with the peek of lace did. An itch settled on his fingers and Harry knew he had to escape as soon as possible before he did something that got him murdered by one Drake LaBry.

“Yeah, like your ego’s not big enough. You look smashing, dah-ling, positively smashing.” Harry overdid the accent and flopped his hands about.

Adam laughed as he leaned in and kissed Harry softly on the cheek. “Thanks. I’m going on in less than five.”

“Break a leg,” Harry tried to not inhale the scent of the musky floral perfume Adam chose for tonight. “Bring the house down.”

A grin came to Adam’s face and a small smile that said, ‘When don’t I?’ Harry gave him a smile before he quickly ducked out into the hallway. He hurried along the clogged way, popping back out onto the dancefloor. Already people were pressing in closer to the stage and Harry slipped through to the bar. He ordered a shot, downed it, and did the same three times more.

When an arm slid over his shoulder, he glanced over to find Danielle grinning at him. When his fifth shot came and he downed it, her grin faded and her brow furrowed.

“Harry,” she leaned in, nearly yelling in his ear. “What’s wrong?”

“Just helped Adam.” He yelled back into her ear. The sixth shot came and he downed it easily. Hell, he couldn’t remember what he ordered, but it was going down fairly smooth. “When –”

Another hand slid over his back and then along Danielle’s. Startled, he jumped and turned. To his right was a slightly shorter man. His face was angular with a hint of stubble and big eyes. There was something familiar about him…

“Brad?” Harry leaned in and yelled.

There was surprise on the other man’s face for a moment. But he recovered quickly, a coy grin coming to his face. Against his back, Harry could feel Danielle’s hand grip at the man’s arm tightly. But he just ignored it as he leaned in closer to Harry.

“That’s my name. What’s yours, handsome?”

“Harry Potter.”

When Harry drew back there was a frown on Brad’s face. All he caught a snatch of was, ‘…mother-fucking… figures he fucked him fir…” Then Danielle’s arm was gone and he jerked in surprise when she tried to tug him away. Harry shook his head and pulled her back in, against him.

“Adam’s on in a bit,” even as he said it, silence and darkness fell. “As in right now.”

There was an angry, dissenting rumble from Danielle but she didn’t argue. Harry glanced over to see Brad’s frankly curious expression. Quite honestly, Harry didn’t care either way what Brad thought of that little exchange. But the emcee hit the stage and there was a cheer from the crowd.

Harry managed to get in two more shots before Danielle started keeping a sharper eye on him. By the time he finished the second one, Brad had moved in closer to him, practically edging Danielle against the bar. Danielle rolled her eyes, but acquiesed by settling herself firmly against Harry’s side and draping his arm around her shoulder.

So, to recap, Danielle wasn’t letting him out of her sight and Brad seemed to think that Harry was a prime viewing spot for this show. On the upiside, he was pleasantly drunk, so he couldn’t really bring himself to care in the slightest.

The thumping bass and beats started and for a moment, Harry wondered how Adam would start this. But then the spotlight hit Adam as he started singing the lyrics, a riding crop in hand and tapping against his thigh forcefully.

Dear Merlin where had Adam found a riding crop? And he had been right; Adam had only gotten better with time. That voice filled the club, working with the beats and transforming into something more. The songs segued together, with the routine and the two dancers working the stage with him.

Harry’s eyes didn’t leave the stage once during the performance, and when Adam licked the riding crop after the last lyric was sung… well, Harry was sure every brain in Bardot’s simply short-circuited. Because it was Adam dressed like some glittery alien version of a school marm, licking a riding crop with a filthy, suggestive tilt of his lips and a promise in his eyes.

There was no surviving that, no matter what sexuality one professed.

The audience roared their approval and Adam was still on stage, his gaze focused on someone. Harry followed it and found it was locked onto a man close in the front, tall with brown hair. Brad turned and angled up, saying in his ear, “That’s Drake.”

Suddenly Harry felt like he needed to get outside but was rooted right to the spot. But then a hand was on his, grasping tight and he found himself being dragged to the front door. The doorman let them out, and Harry got a good look of long dark hair. Once they were down the short flight of steps Danielle didn’t stop until they were in a crammed parking lot.

When she rounded on him, Harry wasn’t expecting the look of pity in her eyes.

“Fuck, Harry, how damned long?”

A feeling of anger washed through him at that and he crossed his arms. “That’s irrelevant and quite honestly –”

“You just spent almost all of Adam’s performance looking torn between wanting to tear his clothes off and looking like a kicked puppy! So which one –”

“I got this one.”

Brad’s calm voice broke through Danielle’s tight one. Harry leaned back against the wall, watching as Brad put himself between him and Danielle.

“Brad –” Danielle started.

“Honey, you haven’t slept with Adam. I know you’re trying to help, but you can’t possibly understand here.” Brad gave her a million watt smile. “Totes, I got this one.”

Danielle hufffed, stomping back to Bardot’s. Harry watched her go before exhaling noisily. He slouched against the wall, running a hand through his hair. Brad came and stood beside him, not saying anything for a few minutes. Then,

“Got a grip?”

Harry nodded his head. “Yeah.” He slouched down against the wall until he was sitting. “I don’t know where that came from.”

“He’s a bit like a drug, isn’t he?” Brad slid down to sit beside Harry. “He gets right in there and you can’t quite get him out.”

“That’s one way to put it I suppose.” Harry fell silent for a moment before he began with, “When we broke up, I called… I resorted to writing a letter.”

“Well, distance didn’t help, any bet. He could keep you at arms length. We lived a few blocks away when we broke up. Do you know what it’s like to try and make small talk with someone who you’ve deepthroated?”

“Interesting?” Harry chuckled.

Brad grinned. “You have no idea. But you know what the thing is? You don’t ever really fall out of love with Adam. It just… changes. When you break up with him, it’s like you still can’t picture him not in your life. You still need him there. …Huh.”

“Huh?” Harry echoed.

“That’s probably something a creepy stalker says,” Brad smiled though. “I’m not, but Adam…”

Harry nodded his head as Brad trailed off. “It’s ridiculous, we broke up three years ago. And now this.”

“Well,” Brad drawled. “Did you see him in that outfit? Smoking. Drake’s gonna have his hands full tonight.”

“And we’re out in the cold.” Harry frowned and looked. “Literally and metaphorically.”

“Ooh, big words,” Brad winked at him. “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

“It doesn’t?” Harry blinked in confusion for a moment. But then Brad moved in a bit closer to him, with a smirk on his face. “Oh. Oh!”

“Oh, indeed. I did have my eye on you before I found out about Adam.”

“I gather he’s mentioned me then?”

Brad nodded. “Said you were special. Amazing. I dunno, there was something about the way he talked about you. Don’t think he was quite able to give you up too.”

Harry chuckled. “It doesn’t bother you that I’m his ex?”

“If it doesn’t bother you that I’m his ex.” Brad shrugged. He moved in closer, twining his arms around Harry’s neck. “How about we go back in there, have a good time… and then we can go back to my place and do the same. Because I gotta tell you, I’m very curious about the hype.”

With a smile, Harry slipped his hands up and curled them around Brad’s shoulders. “That sounds like an excellent plan.”

That breathless ache inside Harry eased a bit as he gently kissed Brad. Maybe this was what he needed to really start getting over Adam.

The first thing to greet his sight was the clock. Or the fuzzy version of it. Adam blinked, until it came into focus, revealing the time of nine twenty in the morning. He blinked again, looking around and then a secondary sound registered. A cell phone was ringing. He thought about getting up to answer it. But every impulse in his body said to just stay in bed. With a purr, he snuggled back into the bed. Drake was beside him and frowning slightly as he came out of sleep.

“‘onna get that?” Drake mumbled as he rolled over, snuggling against Adam.

Adam shook his head. He shifted onto his back, half pulling Drake on top of him. “Just wanna stay in bed with you.”

That got a pleased sound from Drake and Adam seized the moment. He tilted Drake’s head up, kissing him softly. Drake gave a soft, ‘Hm’ and after a few moments, slid completely on top of Adam. His hands skimmed up Adam’s sides and down his arms before interlinking their fingers. When he deepened the kiss and rolled his hips against Adam’s, there was no hiding Drake’s morning wood. Not that he was complaining in the slightest.

He tightened his grip around Drake’s fingers and tilted his head up. He shifted a leg and wrapped it around Drake’s waist, pulling him in closer. A soft growl came from Drake’s throat and then he was murmuring against Adam’s mouth,

“You’re such a top.”

“Complaining?” Adam chuckled as he rolled his hips upwards in a smooth, fluid motion.

“God no.”

The languid kiss continued and Adam couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than –

His cellphone rang again. Drake broke off the kiss, looking at the pile of clothes thrown against the wall. After a few seconds, he looked back down at Adam.

“You told me you didn’t have anything planned for today.”

“I don’t!” Adam shrugged. “Maybe it’s the studio calling to see if I can come in?”

Drake made a face. “Oh no, I’ve got plans for you, Adam.”

And with that, Drake released his hands and slid off the bed. It took a few minutes of rummaging through the pile, but he found Adam’s phone and answered it. Adam rolled over, watching as confusion rolled over Drake’s face. Whoever was talking was probably going a mile a minute. A frown came to Adam’s face when Drake spoke again.

“Sorry, who is this?”

That got Adam to sit up. Fuck, had some pervert crank gotten hold of his phone number? Drake was looking thoughtful now and then murmured, “This is Drake, Adam’s –” Not that he finished. Shit, it probably was the studio wanting to see if he could come in. Extra work was always good. He scrambled out of bed towards Drake. Drake responded by keeping the phone glued to his ears and slipping away to the other side of the bed.

“Drake,” Adam began as he went around.

And now Drake was talking as he hopped across the bed. “I don’t suppose that will be a problem. Let me ask him, Harry.”

That one word made Adam stop up short. Only he collided right with the side of the bed and landed face first. As he picked himself up, he found Drake standing at the foot of the bed with an eyebrow raised.

“Want to go out for breakfast with Harry, Brad, and Danielle?”

There was a racuous cheer from his phone and honestly, what could Adam say to that? “Sure.”

“Great. We’ll see you guy there soon then.”

Drake hung up the phone and sat down on the bed, looking at Adam. For a moment, Adam felt a bit angry and defensive. How was he supposed to know that Harry would call him? After a few seconds, Drake leaned forward and kissed him gently, running a hand through his hair.

“Same Harry, huh?”

Adam nodded. “How many Harrys do I know?”

“Point,” Drake let his fingers trail down the back of Adam’s neck. “Would you relax? This is not going to be the disaster you seem to think it might be.”

“This is the same Harry you had a problem with before,” Adam pointed out after a noisy exhale. “So can you blame me?”

“Can’t argue that point. But I found out about that box of mementos pretty soon after we started dating. How’d you think I’d take it? I thought you hadn’t entirely gotten over him,”

Something inside Adam twisted at those words, but Drake continued on.

“I was jealous at first, not going to lie. But you chose to be with me. You’re still with me. No point in me acting like a jealous idiot over something that was.” Drake leaned in and kissed him before pulling back a little. “Don’t worry.”

Adam grinned and pulled him back for another quick kiss. Then he murmred, “Where’re we meeting them?”

“Griddle Cafe. They said they’d get there about ten. You know, if we’re going to get there in time, we’ve got to get out of bed.”

“I thought you had plans for me.” Adam pouted a bit. There went the prospect of lazy morning sex.

A wicked grin came to Drake’s face. “Alas, they’ve been temporarily delayed until this afternoon.”


Adam couldn’t help but wheedle and tried to lure Drake back into bed with kisses. Drake wasn’t taking the bait, slipping from bed and disappearing to the bathroom. Defeated, Adam lay flopped across the bed for awhile before he got up. Getting ready didn’t take very long and by ten to ten, they were in the car and heading on down for food. The restaurant was filled with the quiet murmur of conversation when they stepped in. Adam looked around, wondering where they were –

“Adam! Drake!”

The sound of Harry’s voice made them turn. Harry was walking over and enthusiastically shaking Drake’s hand. Adam watched them, feeling like everything had turned surreal. Harry started talking as they headed to the table.

“Pleasure to finally meet you,” Harry smiled. “I’m terribly sorry about waking you both up. Just thought it would be nice if we all had a bite to eat.”

And the surreal just got more intense. Adam was sure that Harry was subtly trying to be nosy about Drake. Though, Adam was now wondering what had happened last night because he hadn’t gone back home.

“It’s okay,” Adam said. That surreal feeling was ebbing away. “Sorry about last night. I completely spaced and went home with Drake.”

“Don’t worry about it, love. I can look after myself.” Harry grinned as he slid into the booth beside Brad.

“You mean Brad looked after you just fine,” Danielle turned and smiled at them before she tugged on Drake’s hand, pulling him into the booth. “And you! You said you couldn’t make it last night! What gives?”

Adam sat down beside Drake as he explained just how he managed to get out of his art show. But then what Danielle said caught up in his brain and he looked over at Harry and Brad. There was that sparkle to Brad’s eyes and that irrepresible grin of his seemed bigger than usual. Harry looked the same as always, but there was that sense that something good happened, surrounding him like an aura. Adam was never sure if that was Harry’s magic, or just something about him, but it was plain as day. Holy fuck, they did not…

“So,” Adam wasn’t too sure what to say. “Um… You crashed at Brad’s?”

Harry nodded. “Brad’s an excellent host. Even if he’s addicted to that video camera of his.”

“Oh, you enjoyed it, honey.” Brad drawled as he slid Harry a look. “You enjoyed it all.”

To be honest, Adam was sure a part of his brain broke right there. Such as all of it. That got a laugh out of Harry and then,

“Staying up all night and making utterly insane video clips of us doing stupid shite –” Harry began.

“It all wasn’t stupid,” Brad pointed out. “There’s a lot of good stuff on there.”

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into that.”

A flush stole over Harry’s face and that feeling inside Adam twisted again. He officially did not need to be hearing any of this. “You guys haven’t slept at all since last night?”

“Nope!” Brad crowed.

“Not a wink,” Harry admitted, after he coughed to clear his throat. “I expect to crash and burn spectacularly tonight.”

“Wait, what are we talking about now?” Danielle chimed in.

“They haven’t slept at all.” Adam threw it out there before Brad or Harry could mention the video camera.

“Good job guys.” Drake laughed.

“Mm-hm,” Brad nodded as he picked up the menu and flipped through it. “Oooh, pancakes with Baileys and Kaluha. Do you think they put enough booze in to make it hair of the dog?”

“I think it’s only hair of the dog if you sleep and then wake up with a hangover, love.” Harry chuckled.

That feeling twisted inside and Adam was a bit surprised to realise it was jealously. But then again, this was the first time he heard Harry call anyone else by that pet name. He wasn’t surprised it was Brad because… well, it was Brad, it was nearly impossible to not like the guy. And Harry probably used it all the time back home. He was just being stupid.

Conversation flowed easily and Adam relaxed against Drake. It was good to be out with friends and just killing time. When it came to ordering, it turned into a hilarious, innuendo fiasco. And throughout breakfast, Danielle kept commenting on how good her Mounds of Pleasure were, and all men should know it. Brad stuck to his ‘boozy pancakes’ and said it was ‘hair of the dog enough.’ Adam just about died laughing when Harry got the crumbly Oreo cookie pancakes, since he seemed to not even notice the ironic name of ‘Black Magic.’ Drake got the entirely sensible oatmeal and everyone frowned until he dumped in a good measure of cream and was welcomed back to culinary hedonism. Though, Adam could have done without everyone ganging up on him and all but ordering the ‘Golden Ticket’ for him. He’d have to work out for a week straight to make up for it.

By the time they all waddled out of Griddle Café, Adam felt drugged on food. Harry had all but insisted on grabbing his stuff from Adam’s, so he wouldn’t crash on Drake and Adam’s parade. Brad lost no time in snapping him up, because they were ‘totes friends now and friends didn’t let friends stay in nasty hotels with come-stained sheets.’

That had set off a fresh round of laughter – Adam wasn’t entirely sure why – and he ignored that twisting jealousy inside. Danielle caught a cab, claiming she now had to venture home and somehow eat lunch with her parents and that Adam had better meet her at the gym so they could work on their flabby asses.

When he and Drake got back into the car, Drake paused for a moment before he turned to look at Adam. ”You okay?”

“I’m stuffed full of pancakes, bananas and God knows what else that was on them. And coffee,” Adam rubbed at his belly a bit. “I’m probably gonna go into a food coma when we get back.”

Drake leaned over, poked him gently in the belly. Adam whined in protest and tried to squirm away. With a gentle laugh, Drake took his hand.

“You sure? You seemed a bit weirded out by Harry and Brad.”

“Wouldn’t you be?”

Drake shrugged a shoulder. “They’re probably fucking. But I don’t think it’s so serious. Besides, I think they can handle themselves.”

“I know, but…” Adam trailed off, wishing there was a script for situations like these. “This is the first time I’ve seen Harry in three years. Last time I saw him was when we broke up. It’s more than a little weird for me at the moment.”

There was silence for a moment and then Drake was leaning in, kissing his temple. “S’okay. I know Brad was all for us having dinner in a week. If it’s still too weird for you we don’t have to. But you can’t avoid it, you know.”

“I know. It’s stupid, foolish and more than a little immature,” Adam sighed, rubbing at his face. “I’ll be fine. I’ll put on my big boy boxers and deal with it.”

“Good,” Drake started the car before he looked over at Adam. “Besides, I still have plans for you, remember.”

Drake’s hand came down on Adam’s thigh, squeezing gently. Desire curled through Adam’s body and he didn’t’ waste it. He rested his hand on top of Drake’s, moving it to his groin and arching up into it, letting Drake feel him getting hard.

“Drive like you’ve never driven before, Mr LaBry.”

“Okay, so this is a movie about a half-man, half-bat creature?” Harry tried.

“No, no, he dresses up like a bat. It’s his alter ego.” Brad explained as he paused by the condiment stand. “Damn, where’s that popcorn topping stuff?”

Harry momentarily looked around, taking in the noise of the movie theatre. The last time he’d been to one he’d been nine and the experience was decidedly less fun than it was this time. He absently ate a few popcorn kernels as Brad made a flurry of white powder descend on his. When Brad looked at him, Harry just gave him a mild look.

“If you don’t like cheese, then there’s something wrong with you.”

That was all Brad said as he primly ate a kernel and licked the powder from his fingertips. Chuckling, Harry followed after him. Brad was a touch dramatic and honestly, Harry sometimes bemusedly wondered how he’d become friends with him. Not that he was complaining, because Brad was an absolute riot. But he wasn’t the sort of person Harry would have thought of as a friend. He jogged, caught up to Brad.

“So, he dresses up like a bat. And runs around and saves people?”

“That’s Batman,” Brad peered down a hallway. “Good, the line isn’t too bad.”

“Line?” Harry echoed as he looked at the cluster of people behind a barricade. “We have to line up to see this movie?”

“More people are coming. Trust me, we got here with plenty of time. Middle of the day, kids still in school and… and your pocket is singing.”

Harry blinked as the melody came from his pocket. Brad raised an eyebrow while murmuring, “Susanne Vega?’ Pulling a face, Harry dug out his phone and looked at the screen. Hermione? Why was she calling him? Or maybe it was Rose. He murmured ‘Sorry’ to Brad before answering.


‘Oh good. I’m sorry to call you in the middle of vacation, Harry. Kingsley asked me to get in touch with you. Quicker than an owl.’

“Sure, what do you need? I’m just waiting to see a movie.”

‘A movie? Are you out with Adam?’

“No, someone else. Brad. Some movie about a man who’s a bat, I mean a man who dresses up like a bat,” Harry twisted away from Brad’s annoyed finger jab. “Anyway, you need something, yeah?”

‘Kingsley needs you back. There’s no getting around it. They need you, Harry.’

Harry frowned as he looked over at Brad who was nibbling on popcorn. “The whole department and they need me? The consultant?”

‘It’s some governmental thing in Atlantis and everyone who responded yes to coming said your presence in all critical matters was highly preferential.’

“I’ll be back next week and –”

‘They need you back as soon as possible. You need to be briefed and appraised of the situation.’

“Situation? What situation?” Harry tried to not sound pissed, but he was on vacation and they had bugged Hermione to do this? “There can’t be –”

‘There seems to be growing evidence that some new form of Death Eater is gaining supporters. Everywhere, Harry. It’s something that looks like it’s rapidly turning global. And no one has anything concrete besides conjecture.’

That got Harry’s attention. “Damn it. Okay, let me wrap up some things here and I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

‘I’ll let Kingsley know. Come back and I’ll meet you at your place. I can fill you in before meeting with Kingsley.’

“He called you in on this?” That surprised Harry. Hermione was usually content to stick to Wizengamot levels and deal with the dry work of lawmaking.

‘They’re pulling out all the stops on this, Harry. Everyone saw what happened with Voldemort here. They don’t want it happening again.’

“Okay, I’ll let you know when I’m heading back home.”

‘Thank you. I’m so sorry to barge in on your vacation. I’ll make it up to you somehow.’

“It’s okay, Hermione. Okay, gotta go. I’ll call.” He ended the call and stared at the phone before he looked at Brad. “I’m so sorry. I’ve got to get back home.”

“It seemed important,” Brad paused for a moment. “When’s your flight home?”

Harry wished it was that simple. “Late evening. So I need to change it.”

That took Brad by surprise. “You have to leave right away?”

“No getting around it. They need me back as soon as possible,” Harry ran a hand through his hair. “I’m really sorry. I know you really wanted to see this and –”

“Relax. Funny thing about movies, they play for a while. I can catch it later. Drag someone else. C’mon,” Brad took Harry’s arm and started tugging him along. “We’ll just get refunds and get you to LAX.”

Harry didn’t argue. They got their refunds and the entire drive back to Brad’s place, Harry tried to figure out just how he could have missed something like a new faction of self-styled Death Eaters. Or some imitation group. When he got back it didn’t take long to get his stuff and throw it back into his messenger bag. He shouldered it and stepped out of the guest room. Brad was on the couch, typing something into his phone madly. For a moment, Harry watched him before he smiled.

“Brad, why don’t you see if you can get someone else to catch the movie with you? I’ll take a cab to the airport.”

“And let you pay some outrageous fee?” Brad huffed. “You wish.”

“Really,” Harry came over to the couch and sat on the back. “You’ve been an excellent host, and I really feel bad about you missing this movie. You’ve only gone on about it since you dragged me here. Really, I”ll be fine taking a cab.”

Brad eyed him, lips pursed slightly. “You’re totally set on this.” When Harry nodded his head Brad sighed. “Okay, fine. But call the second you get back home safe. Just want to be sure you got back in one piece, and that your plane wasn’t blown up by a whackjob with a bomb taped to his nuts.”

Harry could help but laugh. Brad hopped up, kneeling on the couch. Leaning forward, Harry hugged him tight for a moment. “Thank you so much for everything, love.”

“No problem.” Brad pulled back and gave him that wicked grin before he leaned in and stole a quick kiss. “You’ll make someone happy one day, okay? No more moping. I don’t think I could handle all the rain if I had to fly to England and knock some sense into you.”

All Harry did was grin and ruffle Brad’s hair. “Don’t you have a movie to go catch?”

“After I call you a…” Brad trailed off as Harry pulled out his phone and waggled it. “You really are stubborn as hell.”

Harry leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll call you when I get back safe.”

Brad didn’t say any anything else, showing him to the door. He stole another tight hug and when the door shut Harry did feel a bit sad inside. He took the elevator down to the first floor and stepped outside. When he was sure no one was about, he quickly Apparated. The side of the building went from grey to brown and the breeze was gone, replaced by stifling heat. Harry quickly jogged inside, managing to slip past the security door as someone stepped out. He tried to keep himself calm, but by the time the elevator came to a stop on Adam’s floor, his fingers were gripping the strap of his messenger bag tightly.

He should have called first, he vaguely thought as he walked down the hallway. Adam could be out, or Drake could be over and –

“Fuck it,” he muttered as he stopped in front of Adam’s door.

He knocked briskly a few times. There was silence on the other end before muffled sound and frantic running. The door was ripped open and Harry found himself facing a wet Adam in a worn, navy bathrobe. Adam blinked at him before he said in surprise,

“You’re not Drake.”

Harry shook his head, somehow keeping his eyes on Adam’s face. He couldn’t look anywhere else, he couldn’t. Adam smelled like soap, water, and clean and Harry knew precisely what was under that robe and how, how, how did Brad deal with situations like these?

“Sorry, I just…” Harry paused. “I’ve been called back home.”

Adam seemed to get a hold of himself and pulled Harry inside. Once the door was shut and locked, Harry just started talking.

“There’s some big government conference on some… some neo-Death Eater group and damned near everyone asked that I be there, I haven’t the faintest idea why and –”

Adam looked at Harry for a moment before he said, “You could have called instead of coming over before going back home.”

Harry stared at him for a moment in surprise before anger started creeping over him. “Oh, fuck you. I’m about to go wade into work up to my eyeballs, figured I’d say goodbye to you in person rather than over the phone because I could and you –”

Adam covered the steps quickly and Harry found himself wrapped up into a tight hug. He thought about shoving Adam off of him for a moment but then he found himself hugging Adam back just as tightly. They stood like that for a few moments before Adam pulled back.

“You come over and say that you have to go back home and deal with some crazy hate group who’s been known to kill… fuck, Harry,” Adam hugged him tightly again. “Be safe, okay?”

When it was put like that, Harry could sort of forgive Adam. He nodded his head and hugged back tightly. “You’ve got my number. I can call if you like.”

“If I like, what kind of stupid question is that,” Adam snorted as he pulled back. “Oh!”

Harry watched as he darted to the living room. Something was snatched off the coffee table and when Adam came back, he was scrawling something on a piece of paper. After a few seconds, he ripped it off and handed it to Harry.

“Email address. We can also keep in touch that way. Rather than letters. I can’t always be running to the post office, you know.”

“Okay,” Harry stared at the paper for a moment before he looked at Adam. “Guess I should go buy a computer then, huh?”

Adam stared at Harry for a long moment before he broke out laughing. “Only you would not have a computer, baby.”

“Should probably get a TV too so I can watch you become some big rock star.” Harry smiled.

“Call me whenever, all right? If I don’t pick up, just leave a message and I’ll call you back when I can. It’s gonna be crazy busy for me in the fall. How long is your thing?”

“I don’t have the faintest idea,” Harry shrugged. “I find that all out when I get home.”

“How are you getting home?” Adam asked. “Are you doing that disappearing thing?”

“I shouldn’t. Trans-Atlantic Apparition isn’t the best idea right now,” Harry said. “I’ll just make a Portkey.”

Adam was already heading to the bedroom. Harry watched him disappear and when he came back there was something in his fist. He watched, unsure when Adam stopped in front of him and took his hand.

“Here. Use this.”

Something heavy slipped into Harry’s hand. He pulled his hand away to find a simple titanium band resting in his palm. He stared at it for a moment, thinking this looked vaguely familiar. He looked at Adam, ready to give it back but Adam spoke.

“You can have it. It should fit one of your fingers, right?”

“I’m not taking your ring, Adam.” Harry couldn’t figure out why it looked so familiar.

“Oh no,” Adam took Harry’s hand and folded his fingers over, trapping the ring there. “You need to get home and I want you to have it.”

For a few moments, Harry just looked at their hands before he nodded his head. There wasn’t a single thing he could think of to argue against that. Well any single thing that didn’t leave him sounding like a complete arse. Adam’s hand left his and Harry drew his wand. He tapped the ring while murmuring ‘Portus.’ Golden light enveloped it and he clearly thought about his apartment living room. When the golden light faded from the ring, he tucked his wand away.

There was silence and then Adam said softly, “And you’re off?”

“Yes,” Harry nodded slowly. Truth be told, he didn’t want to go anywhere. “I’ll call you when I can?”

Adam nodded before he stepped forward. He hugged Harry tightly again and Harry felt like he couldn’t handle this anymore. That if he stayed here any longer they’d either argue over something stupid… or something else.

“Be safe, I’m serious. No stupid shit.”

“No stupid shit,” Harry agreed.

And with that, he slipped the ring on. It sat comfortably on his thumb. For a second, all he saw was Adam in his bathrobe. There was an expression on Adam’s face, something naked and exposed. Fear, worry, and what could only be love. Then there was the whirling sight of everything revolving around him. When it stopped, he found himself in his living room. The drapes were shut, but evening sunlight filtered in. He stood there for a moment, rotating the ring around on his thumb. Merlin, it felt like heartache all over again. It hurt less but still felt far too keen.

He looked at the ring before he stopped playing with it. He dumped his bag on the couch and pulled out his phone. It didn’t take long to make the call, and even less time for someone to pick up.

“Hermione?” Harry said. “I’m back. Let’s get to work.”

Sept 19

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Happy?

I now have a computer and an email account. I went and got one from the same place Hermione and Ron got me a phone from. Miraculously, it didn’t explode. So far so good.

Sept 19

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Happy?

Very! =D It’s only taken you forever to catch up on technology. Remind me to thank your friends. How have you been? Is that conference thing all finished?

Sept 19

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re:Happy?

If only. Still dealing with that fallout. Just had to make a pit stop at home, so I figured I’d buy one of these desktop things and get it all sorted out while here. Don’t know how long this one will take to be honest. Hermione keeps saying that my iPhone thing can do email, but I’ll sort that out later.

I’ll let you know when I’m back. Take care!

Jan 3

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Finally!

I’m back and I told Kingsley not to bother me for any reason short of a genocidal mass murderer attempting world and or intergalactic domination. You’re well into your compettion by now! Buying a TV is first on my list, tomorrow. I’m sure the people down at Techmance love me by now.

Jan 5

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Awesome

Yes, the competition is in full swing. And that’s all I can pretty much say. Gag order has been signed. Can’t really talk about the competition or anything. Have some crazy talented people here though. And my roommate’s adorable. I’ve never seen a person with so much plaid in their closet. I think he’s got a few shirts that are just a solid colour.

I’m so busy sometimes I think I forget which way is up. =D Wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Maybe you need a vacation?

Jan 31

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Know what?

That’s a pretty good idea. Maybe I’ll go down to Penzance or something for a bit. Just get away for a weekend, then come back and figure out this telly thing. All I’ve done is catch up on sleep, unwind and try to not be a jittery bundle of nerves.

Besides, I told you I’d watch you become a rock star. ;D

Feb 3

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Atta boy!

If you don’t I’ll call and bitch you out. Then possibly sic Hermione on you. Don’t think I won’t, I have my ways.

And did you just use your first emoticon? So proud of you right now.

Mar 31

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: I have returned

Did indeed go to Penzance for a bit. Ron had my telly thing installed for me when I was gone. Hermione and Ron have their hands full with little Rosie. Ron, it seems like he’s chafing at the bit to leave the house for something more than a grocery or nappy run.

Also, I did catch a bit of that telly show thing in my hotel room. What was that song you sang? It was… well, trippy! Like some sensual stripdown with lovely melodies from India. I personally do not get why half the audience looked mildly horrified.

Anyways had a lovely vacation, Ron didn’t go insane, Hermione’s still her usual efficent self and I’m feeling very much more relaxed. No jitters.

Can’t wait to watch next week’s episode. And figure out where the bloody hell I can get my hands on the previous ones.

Apr 6

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Okay, new plan!

I have a smartphone. You have a smartphone. We can talk way more easily with Twitter. Because we obviously don’t check our inboxes often enough.

Apr 20

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Okay, new plan!

Um… okay. But what’s Twitter?

Apr 23

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Twitter is

Microblogging site. You can post things, makes it easier to talk to people, especially if they’re on at the same time.

May 1

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Twitter is

Huh? …Okay, I’m confused. We’re talking now

May 3

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Twitter is

We can talk more easily in real time, despite the horrendous time difference. As in if you message me and I’m online, I’ll reply right away.

May 20

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Twitter is

Still kinda confused, love. We’re doing that right now.

May 21

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Twitter is

No we’re not. You’re replying back to me after nearly two weeks. Because you look at your computer and go, “Oh, hey, I should email Adam.”

Because I’m insanely busy so talking isn’t exactly viable at the moment. And you still haven’t figured out text messages.

May 31

From: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
To: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Twitter is

… I’m getting around to it.

June 1

From: Adam <starlight.king@gmail.com>
To: Harry <chosenone@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Twitter is

Oh my God. Twitter. http://www.twitter.com Go sign up.

@chosenone: Okay, so how does this work?
1 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone You can direct tweet me if you type in my name and then write what you want
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert You and bloody computers.
1 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone Just like that ;D
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert Have I mentioned your emote thing abuse? Ridiculous.
2 June 2009

@chosenone: Why do I have so little to say so much with? I need more of these character things.
2 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone I think you’ve got the hang of it
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert I think I figured it out for my computer.
2 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone You can get it for your phone too, you know.
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert I swear, you do this intentionally.
2 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone You’re on Twitter now. Mission accomplished. You’ve got no excuse now. None.
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert You’re entirely too pleased about this.
2 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone Entirely ;D
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert I’ll get it set up in the morning. I’m off to bed love. Some of us sleep at sensible hours.
2 June 2009

@therealGlambert: @chosenone You wound me sirrah! #soveryclose
1 June 2009

@chosenone: @therealGlambert I’m not even going to. Night!
2 June 2009

Part III

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