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It's been about three weeks. The end of September has come and gone. Hell, the end of October is around the corner and I feel like I'm recovering from the rollercoaster my mother set me on.

My dad raised a very good argument when I explained to him what happened. It basically consisted of, "Why go and spend that kind of money on an apartment if you're going back to school? There's three empty bedrooms here." And so now I'm back up at his place. But even with the commute and such, I don't mind it as much.

However, it also helps that the ex-wife isn't here any more. The house is truly peaceful and I can think, organise my thoughts more clearly and focus on what I'm now calling my "6 Year Plan." It's pretty straightforward.

Finish school. Learn to drive. Get TESL. Possibly look into either: teacher's college in Canada or the States or simply going and teaching overseas. Travel to more places when possible. Learn to play my bass, and play the songs I've always wanted to. Get a job and start a career.

Learning to drive is actually heading somewhere. I'm calling tomorrow to book an appointment to write my G1 (we're on a graduated system here in Canada) next week Thursday, if they aren't too booked up. Hopefully.

School is next September and things like the TESL and a career fall into place after graduating.

But on the whole, everything's better. It's nice to not have to worry about coming home and wondering what stupidity will be tossed my way.

Hell, it's nice to just plain think, be and not worry about five million things that I shouldn't be worrying about. I finally feel like I'm at a place in my life where I'm ready to go on and keep growing as a person. It does sadden me a bit that I need to keep my mom away from me in order for me to achieve what I want, but that's what it is.

And writing has commenced again. My §rpf_big_bang submission is being polished up so I can unlock it on my posting date. §lambliffbigbang is at 14,581 words and there's still so much plot outline. The SPN/Legion crossover is at a grand total of 1,029 words but hey, eveything starts somewhere.

There's plenty of other stuff on the back burner that I'm picking away at.

In other news though, me and Jeffy are spending Thursday shopping! For Halloween stuff. =D It'll be like a 2 day hang out thing, which has been happening less and less since he has a weird schedule and I work almost all the time.

Plus, for the record, Adam Lambert singing 'Enter Sandman'? JHFC, THAT SHIT BE HAWT, YO! Just... I was freaking out before I even watched the clip. I grew up listening to Metallica and this song, it's one of the reasons WHY I went out and bought myself a bass. Just... fuuuuuuuuck, watch it. You know you want to. Need any other reason?


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So, have looked over my list of writings... apparently, I love to pile it on myself.

  1. Lambliff big bang fic - So damned excited to write this one! But so much more research is needed. Seriously cannot wait to get more into the nitty-gritty of it. I'm very excited for researching the more theoretical things. That is all I can say. =DDDDDD

  2. Lambliff advent calendar fics - inspired by all the Christmas Advent fics that pop up, only with a fall/Halloween spin on it. Don't ask me how I came up with that because even I'm not too sure. But I'm digging it.

  3. editing the §rpf_big_bang fic - Still in the editing stage, as is the fanmix. The fic is being picked apart, read and picked apart some more. And the fanmix is a curious little thing. I love it, but it's a decidedly curious little thing.

  4. SPN/Legion crossover - FINALLY STARTED WRITING IT. Still figuring out the end in the plot because I kinda dug myself into a hole. I'll feasibly get myself out of it, but I'm writing it! And that's what counts as I'm about three weeks behind schedule on that one! *HIDES*


  6. Some Adam Lambert/Harry Potter stuff - Yep, you read that right. So far, [personal profile] eaivalefay has managed to pull 15 fics from me for this pairing and it's a fucking verse. And I said if she passed her stats class she'd get wedding fic. And she passed, so I need to get crack-a-lacking on that. Hell, I even wrote an article, because FML, the pairing is shiny and I just can't tell her, "No" for some reason. I think it's crap but she loves it, so I'm biting the bullet, tightening up the verse and unlocking it... eventually. =P

  7. The insane American Idol/Harry Potter fusion thing - this idea... just... it's lurking in my brain going, "Write me. Write me. Do it, you know you want to" and it sounds like a fucked up enabler, but OMFG, DO I EVER WANT TO. *FLAIL*

And I'll now let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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I'm addicted to the things. And it's not for lack of ideas. But to take that idea and flesh it out into a complete and whole story... that's something that I will never tire of. My word counts are almost way over the required 10,000/15,000 word count. Usually my reaction when I see a required word count is to laugh while crowing, "Easily done!"

Even the research aspect, I adore. For my §rpf_big_bang fic, I dug up my French dictionary, my Bescherelle verb book and trawled through what felt like five billion and one sites.

Hotels, restaurants, daily life, eating habits, traditions, general lifestyle, grocery stores... hell, I can distinctly recall it being one in the morning and I had just started writing the fic and thought, "What the hell does constitute breakfast in France? I doubt it's like the typical North American breakfast."

The J2 fic for the §rpf_big_bang has clocked in, pre-edit, at 40,000 + words. And I'm seriously thinking of adding in two scenes.

And the same is happening for the §lambliffbigbang fic [personal profile] eaivalefay and I are writing.

It's only at 2,000 + words and that same buzz is there. The writing, taking something from a plot outline and fleshing it out into something far more substantial.

Now the research... well, have you ever had to give yourself a crash course in command script so you could write something? Not to mention one line of script prompted a realisation from me and then a long discussion on metaphysicals stuffs with her.

I find writing big bangs to be artistically stimulating, and intellectually as well. And you meet the most awesome people through big bangs as well. =DDDDD

Maybe, just maybe I'll take a crack at the §spn_j2_bigbang when they have sign-ups again.

Okay, done the temporary ramble. Going back to editing.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 10:11 pm
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You know what was released today?

This sweet ass CD box set from Monsieur Lambert.

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So after getting off the phone with [personal profile] eaivalefay and slightly procrastinating on writing more Lambliff fic, I decided to slap on some eyeliner.

Just cause. Apparently, I have nothing else better to do on a Wednesday night.

And when I looked at my liner pencil, I frowned at how rounded it was (it comes in a twist tube, not in pencil form) and thought, "Adam GQMF Lambert probably uses that liquid shit. If I can use this and not stab myself in the eye, I can use that stuff. Hell, he does and his eyes are intact and gorgeous."

Yep, at almost eight in the evening, I clearly have my priorities straight since I'm wondering about Adam Lambert and fucking eyeliner.

Does anyone on my lovely flist or lurkers - hello! - know of any good liquid eyeliners to invest in? Jeffy's sister suggested Penultimate Eye Liner - mainly as I am all about convenience and something I can grab and go - but I just need something to muck about with to get a feel for the stuff. I'm a beginner after all.

Besides, I like my Cover Girl eyeliner a lot. I find it lasts longer than kohl for me and I can smudge the hell out of it when needed. I was thinking of getting Cover Girl's LineExact Liquid Liner. But I'm one of those people who likes to know what they're getting into with make up. And no one I know has used it before.

And because of Adam Lambert my slow descent into the world of make up continues.

In other news, I've been experimenting with green paint and Elmer's glue to make a slightly wrinkly mottled skin effect. I want to look like I'm rotting from the inside out. Have been tweaking the original Halloween costume idea as I have decided to flaunt it a bit. Did I mention I can't wait for Halloween? =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Have I written a single word today? Nope.

Have I had the slightly overdue discussion with my mother? Nope.

Is my mother pissed about it? Probably, but I seriously can't bring myself to give a flying fuck.

Did I miss three calls from my older sister, four from my dad and two from my aunt? You betcha!

Have I eaten anything besides my oatmeal from lunch? Nope, which is really bad.

Why you ask?

Because I have just spent the past four hours trawling through apartment listings. This, because my mom has stated that she wants me gone by the end of September.

She's in for a nasty surprise when the 30th rolls around.

And before you ask, every single person who has met my mother in the flesh has reached the same conclusion about her.

I can safely say that it's not me. It's entirely her.

So self, you shall meander down to the kitchen, fix yourself a plate of something, get something to drink and write, damn it!


Sep. 20th, 2010 12:18 am
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At Jeffy's, watching him and Megs play Halo Reach, and the rough draft of §rpf_big_bang submission is dooooooooone!

Though, I think it could be called a half completed fic as I have a tendency to edit as I go and try to keep things as continuous as possible.

However things that can possibly get in the way of writing:

  1. Apartment hunting

  2. Eating

  3. Everyday, mundane things

  4. PUPPY!

Trust me, trying to write porn while having 30 lbs of adorable chocolate brown Lab puppy (he's Megs' dog) is very hard. The cute is irresistible and you just have to play with him. For about an hour and a half straight. But this included a walkie, so... yeah.

But it's dooooooooooooooone! Gonna edit and work on my §lambliffbigbang submission next. I'm writing that one with [personal profile] eaivalefay and we are both STOKED!
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Because fuck me, I already loathe apartment hunting.

More to come on that later. And my mom's fuckwittery.

In other, more happy news listening to Adam Lambert makes me want to see him in concert again. Hearing him sing live, and Longineau, Tommy, Monte, Cam and the dancers just...


God how I wish I could go again. If I could, I'd be on a plane already to catch the second Atlanta show. I know it sounds crazy, but I had such a good time seeing him three times in June with [personal profile] eaivalefay that I want to go again. Hell, I feel lucky and blessed that I was able to see him three times in the span of a week with her.

I know it's completely irrational, and probably fitting into some clinical definition of addiction, but I'm pretty sure if I had a credit card, I'd be in Atlanta right now.

But back to happy, I'm somehow staying upbeat and I think that might be weirding out some of the people who know what's going on. =P

However, Adam, Manson, Bodom, Korn, Amon Amarth, Marianas Trench and Gackt are keeping me pretty happy right now. Oh, and the calluses on my fingers leave me feeling joyful. I could play with a pick. But there's something about making that guitar string vibrate with nothing but my naked finger that sends indescribable trills through me.

Oh, and tattoos next week, when I drag my perpetually over-tired, caffeine-addicted ass back downtown. And probably grab some Korean food afterward (because I don't have an ongoing love affair with bulgolgi or Korean BBQ, no not at all). Possibly see a movie, I dunno. But tattoos and something, damn it!

Erm, back to editing J2 and gnashing my teeth over an ending that refuses to co-operate. And finishing off the mini-cheesecake that Jeffy's sister told me to try.
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I linked [personal profile] eaivalefay to this because it's Gackt and the man's freaking AWESOME:

And now she's innundated with Gackt/Adam Lambert plot bunnies that she is intent on spreading to me.

But they're so damned shiny. And I'm finishing off J2 for §rpf_big_bang... and I've signed us up for §lambliffbigbang.

The list of stuff keeps growing and it doesn't bother me one bit. It should but it really doesn't.

Still figuring out Dreamwidth.
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Stay up ridiculously late last night in a show of solidarity with [personal profile] eaivalefay while she saw the ever amazing Adam Lambert in Peoria, Illinois. She had an absolute blast and I felt like I was right there with her.

There was a ridiculous amount of tweeting and laughing and at 6 AM I finally went to sleep. Um, accidentally because it was my intent to stay up with her and see more pictures that she took. But tiredness captures you in it wonderfully somnolent grip, it's damned hard to stay up.

And upon waking up and seeing what was still sitting in my YIM page, I got choked up. Checked my email and then I kinda started blubbering.

Because no matter how crazy and messed up things seem in my life, I know the most amazing people. They really care about me and I feel so lucky and blessed to know each and every one of them.

Makes me feel that much worse for being a shit sometimes and never calling regularly.

However, better cell phone plan will change that. Fo'reals. I love each and every one of them so much and would do anything for them.

Mkay, gonna stop blubbering now, get some coffee and bang out the rest of that J2 fic. My motivation? Episode 11 of True Blood to watch afterwards and some 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Oh, and comments... wherever shall be replied to when this is done. There are some lurking out there.


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